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Expand trade of OCOP products



To expand the market and exploit the advantages of localities, the province has increased trade promotion and connection to consume OCOP products. From there, it helps enhance promotion, introduction, connection of supply and demand and expand the market for OCOP products as well as Quang Ninh's brand products.

 OCOP products, typical products of Quang Ninh, were displayed and introduced at the Korean investment promotion conference, held in Bac Ninh province.

Currently, the whole province has 336 OCOP products from 13 localities achieving 3-5 stars. Of which, 246 products achieve 3 stars, 86 products achieve 4 stars and 4 products achieve 5 stars. The entire province has 219 production entities participating in the OCOP Program, including 54 enterprises, 87 cooperatives, and 78 production households. Many OCOP Quang Ninh products have good quality and design, and can be exported to many potential markets.

In order for the province's OCOP products consumption connection activities to be highly effective, Quang Ninh province promotes the development of OCOP products by continuing to build and deploy key product development projects at the provincial level in the direction of meeting the needs of customers. Responding in quantity, increasing value, ensuring high standards and gradually standardizing according to international standards, serving export.

Along with strategic changes in production technology and designs, trade promotion activities and fairs are also held regularly. From the beginning of 2023 until now, the Provincial OCOP Program Steering Committee has successfully organized the Quang Ninh OCOP Fair - Spring 2023, the Quang Ninh OCOP Fair - Summer 2023, and the Exhibition to welcome the Conference to deploy the Action Program. Government action to implement Resolution No. 30-NQ/TW (November 23, 2022) of the Politburo on the development of the Red River Delta, typical rural industrial goods fair in the Northern region in 2023 At the same time, providing information on 23 trade promotion programs, connecting domestic and foreign product consumption to the Provincial Business Association, businesses in the province wishing to register to participate... This is considered a consumption channels, effectively expanding the market, helping businesses promote their products to a large number of people and tourists. Thereby, it also confirms that the trade market for goods exchange between Quang Ninh province and other provinces and cities nationwide is very good.

Representatives of manufacturing enterprises and distribution units signed a memorandum of cooperation at the Conference connecting consumption of OCOP products and brand products between Quang Ninh province and Northern provinces and cities, July 2023 .

Activities to connect and consume OCOP products in the province's agricultural and fisheries sectors to domestic markets are also focused. In April 2023, when the connecting flight between Can Tho and Quang Ninh was opened, it helped bring Quang Ninh province and the Mekong Delta provinces closer together; Facilitate the increase in capacity and cooperation in goods trade between Quang Ninh province, Can Tho City and the Mekong Delta provinces.

To expand the consumption market and trade of goods, the Department of Industry and Trade of Quang Ninh and the Department of Industry and Trade of Can Tho have signed a commercial cooperation agreement; Distribution units of Quang Ninh province signed a Memorandum of Understanding on business cooperation with production and distribution units of Can Tho City with 25 agricultural products and OCOP products of Can Tho City; Distributors of Can Tho City also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on business cooperation with production and distribution units of Quang Ninh province with 8 OCOP Quang Ninh products, such as: Yellow flower sticky rice, Tra mushrooms Tan, purple oyster mushroom, sedative passion fruit extract, Yen Tu wild honey, Yen Tu ba kich wine, Yen Tu apricot wine, Yen Tu myrtle wine.

Through promoting connection, there have been over 54 OCOP products linked for consumption at the GO! Ha Long, MM Mega Market, Aloha, Winmart, Winmart+...; Many products are consumed in major provinces and cities in the country, such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho... In addition, the province also aims to strengthen regional connectivity to represent large regions and markets, such as: Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen, Son La, Da Nang, Gia Lai... Through connections, many OCOP products of Quang Ninh are sold in many provinces and cities and even achieved High sales revenue, popular products, such as: Ha Long squid rolls, Ba Che yellow flower tea, oyster shrimp, shrimp shrimp, Van Don fish sauce, medicinal herbs...

Trade promotion activities in foreign markets continue to be thoroughly implemented by the province with the motto of flexibility, innovation and creativity with many activities, such as: OCOP promotion programs at Trade Fairs. ASEAN - China Trade Fair, Vietnam - China International Tourism Trade Fair... Notably, after these programs, many OCOP businesses have received orders, requests for cooperation, and product supply. from the markets.

Can Tho City businesses learn about Quang Ninh OCOP products at the product consumption connection conference between the Department of Industry and Trade of Quang Ninh and the Department of Industry and Trade of Can Tho.

Ms. Nguyen Hoai Thuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, said: Strengthening the implementation of activities connecting consumption of OCOP products and brand products of Quang Ninh province to domestic and foreign markets is considered a regular and continuous tasks. Through this, we create maximum favorable conditions for buyers and sellers to connect directly, reduce intermediary costs , promote the circulation of goods, and contribute to the formation of sustainable supply chains and effective solutions. results of problems arising in trade activities and goods circulation between Quang Ninh province and other provinces and cities in the country. In the coming time, the Department will continue to strengthen coordination with relevant departments and branches to organize fairs, exhibitions and promotion programs inside and outside the province; Promote the introduction of OCOP products on e-commerce platforms and connect to the system of supermarkets and shopping centers. At the same time, increase support for the province's OCOP enterprises to participate in trade promotion programs outside the province to seek output and develop markets for their products.

Minh Duc