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Expanding OCOP product consumption


Currently, the development and bringing OCOP products is closer to consumers who are very much focused on the provincial programs, trade promotion, exhibitions ... in the province, domestic and international. Thereby, helping to enhance the efficiency of connecting, expanding consumption markets and establishing promising and sustainable trade

Quang Ninh has over 500 OCOP products of 189 businesses, cooperatives and production facilities. Including 267 products ranked from 3-5 stars. Many OCOP Quang Ninh products are good quality, good design, trusted by many consumers and can be exported to many potential markets.


Currently, the province is promoting the development of OCOP products with the continued construction and implementation of the key product development project at the provincial level in the direction of response to quantity, increasing in value, ensuring high standards. and step by step standardization according to international standards, for export.


Along with the strategy of changing production technology and design, the construction of the OCOP program management system is also interested in the consolidation of economic entities participating in the OCOP program. At the same time, applying current mechanisms and policies on supporting production development, tourism development, science and technology, trade promotion ... to promote production development in individuals and groups Economy participates in the OCOP program.


The trade promotion for OCOP products has also been actively implemented. Specifically, the Department of Industry and Trade has always actively guided and supported organizations and individuals participating in the OCOP program to access capital to support economic entities and production households to build facilities. standard as prescribed; Organize, manage and coordinate trade promotion activities, connect the consumption of OCOP products inside and outside the province through fair activities, exhibitions ... In addition, through consumption connection Modern retail products and retail systems inside and outside the province also actively contribute to the consumption of OCOP products of the province ... so that Quang Ninh's OCOP products continue to be widely promoted and further reached further. Many markets.


In particular, one of the "highlights" in expanding OCOP product consumption market is the orientation of selecting potential provinces and cities to promote and promote products. In particular, the focus on provinces and cities has a national trade promotion program supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will be more communicated and effective, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang. .. In addition, also the orientation to strengthen regional and regional connectivity is representative for large areas and markets. Accordingly, Quang Ninh oriented to connect with provinces and cities with regional and central connectivity of the region such as Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen, Son La, Da Nang, Gia Lai ... through connection, many OCOP products Quang Ninh province has been sold in many provinces and cities and even achieved high sales revenue, popular such as: Ha Long squid rolls, Ba Che yellow flower tea, oysters, shrimp shrimp, fish sauce Station, medicinal herbs, vermicelli Binh Lieu ...


For example, recently 30 display booths, with over 40 OCOP Quang Ninh products participated in the week of promoting the consumption of OCOP products, brand products in Quang Ninh province in 2022 in Ha Dong (Hanoi). Thereby, it has attracted thousands of visitors, shopping and revenue reaching over 1 billion. This is one of the trade connection activities, expanding the market typical for OCOP Quang Ninh products further to consumers. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for OCOP Quang Ninh products to affirm the brand, foothold and trust with customers inside and outside the province.