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Expect a new connection route


To contribute to promoting socio-economic development of Ba Che district, in 2022, Quang Ninh will invest in, renovate and upgrade provincial road 342, connecting Ba Che district with Ha Long city. This is the right policy, in line with the goal of strengthening regional linkages, reducing the gap between rich and poor and regional disparities, which is being focused on by the province. Leaders of the Provincial People's Committee and departments, sectors survey investment to renovate and upgrade provincial road 342, connecting Ba Che district with Ha Long city.

Provincial road 342 is 60.5km long, the starting point is at Km0+00 (intersection with provincial road 326 at Km8+100, Ha Long - Van Don expressway), the end point is at Km60+500 (Deo Lieu area is adjacent to Bac Ninh commune). Lang, Dinh Lap district, Lang Son province). This is the arterial road transporting agricultural and forestry products connecting Ba Che district, Ha Long city and Lang Son and Bac Giang provinces. In which, the section through Ha Long with a length of 37.5km is being invested and upgraded by the city; The section through Ba Che district with a length of 23km is now degraded, the roadway is narrow (3.5m wide, equivalent to grade A rural roads, all technical factors are not up to standards and regulations), traveling difficulties, affecting people's trade and economic development.

Realize the goal of synchronous, modern, interconnected socio-economic infrastructure development as a whole in mountainous ethnic minority areas, border areas and islands according to Resolution No. 06-NQ/TU of the Party Executive Committee On May 31, at the 8th session, the Provincial People's Council decided to approve the investment policy of the project to renovate and upgrade provincial road 342 with the goal of gradually improving the synchronous transport infrastructure system. and modern, creating regional and regional connections from lowland, dynamical zone, development zone with highland area of Ha Long city, Ba Che district and Lang Son province.

Many sections of provincial road 342 are degraded and cracked, making it difficult for people to travel. Photo: Thu Trang

Accordingly, in 2022, from the provincial budget, Quang Ninh spends more than 800 billion VND to invest in phase 1 of a 23km long route through Ba Che district. The road is designed according to the mountain grade III standard with 2 lanes, the road bed is 9m wide, synchronously built the drainage system, traffic safety and protection works, essential technical infrastructure.

The route not only connects to Ba Che district but also directly to Lang Son province. Currently, Lang Son province is also preparing to invest in a 9.8km long section connecting provincial road 342 to National Highway 4B. From there, creating a continuous road corridor between Ha Long City, Ba Che district of Quang Ninh and Lang Son and Bac Giang provinces, will reduce over 50km of traveling Ha Long - Lang Son and vice versa compared to other routes. like nowadays; significantly reduce travel time between the two provinces.

Promoting regional connectivity is one of the top priority tasks in the current period, which is an important driving force for growth and forming an economic connection chain. With the role of "going ahead, paving the way" of the transport sector, Quang Ninh's implementation of investment, renovating and upgrading provincial road 342, connecting Ba Che district with Ha Long city is in line with the spatial organization orientation. of the province, on the basis of making the most of its geographical advantages, and equally distributing resources among all regions in the coming time. From there, promoting connectivity, linking the region is ahead, leading, creating new space and conditions for investment attraction, promoting tourism development, production development, income improvement, living standard, etc. people's lives, rapidly narrowing the gap between rich and poor and regional disparities.