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Firmly handle projects that are behind schedule


In the city, there are still many projects behind schedule, affecting the local socio-economic development. The city has reviewed and reported to the Provincial People's Committee and functional departments and agencies for final handling in the coming time.


The project of warehouse and wharf service area in Luc Phu (Bac Son commune) invested by Kim Tinh Trading and Tourism Joint Stock Company, has been delayed by nearly 5 years.

According to the report "Review of projects behind schedule, violating the law (phase 1) in 2022" of the City People's Committee, as of May 2022, in the city, there are 28 projects that have been allocated land, land lease slow progress; 20 projects behind schedule have had land acquisition decisions; 16 planning study sites and 3 planning behind schedule; 15 projects have had decisions/documents on withdrawal of study sites/planning cancellations; 1 list of locations overdue for planning research; 3 project planning lists have been approved for more than 3 years but have not been implemented; 2 projects have no investment activities.

Warehouse and wharf service area project in Luc Phu (Bac Son commune) invested by Kim Tinh Trading and Tourism Joint Stock Company, approved detailed construction planning 1/500 in Decision No. 2111 /QD-UBND dated August 23, 2012 of the Provincial People's Committee; in which 4 zones are planned, total area is 504,572m2 (adjusted in 2017 is 473,455m2). On June 24, 2021, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment inspected this project, which clearly indicated the content behind schedule. Currently, the project is 4 years and 8 months behind the approval.

Fishing wharf project and fishery logistics service area in Binh Ngoc ward, invested by Huong Anh Co., Ltd. According to the prescribed schedule, by July 2010, the project must be completed. However, until now, after nearly 22 years of implementation, the investor has just built a temporary house to look after the project, leveling about 80% of the planned work area, building 100m of embankment, driving about 800 concrete piles. embankment items. The remaining items have not been implemented according to the approval. Currently, the Hai Long dike line has been built into the project's land area with a length of 20m, a height of 1m, and a width of 0.4m.

On November 17, 2017, the Provincial People's Committee issued Document No. 8608/UBND-QLĐĐ “Reporting the results of inspection of the project of fishing wharf construction and fisheries logistics services of Huong Anh Co., Ltd. in Binh Ngoc Ward. , Mong Cai City". Accordingly, the Provincial People's Committee assigned the People's Committee of Mong Cai City based on the implementation plan of the project to build the Hai Long breakwater line on the Ka Long river in Binh Ngoc ward to make a report to the Provincial People's Committee to submit to the Provincial People's Council for approval of the project list. recover land for implementation of dyke project according to regulations. After being approved by the Provincial People's Council, the People's Committee of Mong Cai City prepares a dossier of land recovery and compensates for site clearance according to regulations. Based on the general plan, the city shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board in, proposing the formulation of a planning for the construction of a fishing wharf and fishery logistics services in the area, paying attention to creating favorable conditions for Huong Anh Co., Ltd. to develop. project opening.

On September 19, 2017, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment inspected the project; On May 20, 2021, Mong Cai City inspected the project implementation and reported it to the Provincial People's Committee. However, up to now, the project of Huong Anh Co., Ltd. is still "covering mats", causing a waste of land resources.