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Good news from industrial production


According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, industrial production in the second quarter of 2022 grew quite well because production and business activities of enterprises recovered with an estimated value-added rate of 9.87% over the same period last year.

Along with a sharp increase in production, the inventory index of many processing and manufacturing industries had a sharp decrease compared to the same period last year. Typically: Production of products from rubber and plastic, down 28%; Production of drugs, pharmaceutical chemicals and medicinal materials decreased by 58.8%; Motor vehicle production decreased by 29.9%; Production of other means of transport decreased by 27.8%...

The fact that many enterprises in the electronics, textile, footwear, and many other industrial production industries continuously receive good news with closed export orders by the end of the fourth quarter of 2022 and also into 2023, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. , has made a significant contribution to the strong growth of domestic production.

In general, in the first 6 months of 2022, the export proportion of some key products still belongs to the FDI sector and the foreign-invested enterprises sector. In which, phones and components have the largest export value, reaching 28.58 billion USD (up 14% over the same period last year); Computers, electronic products and components reached 27 billion USD (up 13%); machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts reached USD 21.3 billion (up 24.3%); textiles and apparel reached USD 18.65 billion (up 21.6%); footwear of all kinds reached 11.9 billion USD (up 14.8%)…

The survey on human resources for supporting industries shows that there has been a shortage of high-quality human resources in supporting industry enterprises for many years. When recruiting, most e-businesses in Vietnam have to retrain their personnel. For workers, it takes businesses 2-4 weeks of professional training before putting them on the production line. With senior technicians, enterprises must send abroad for training or additional training during the working process.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the coming time, industrial production and export are expected to continue to prosper thanks to the recovery of the world economy and the implementation of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). of Vietnam is fully implemented. In addition, the wave of investment shift to restructure the supply chain of foreign corporations with large production scale and wide customer network will be a new driving force for import and export activities, leading to growth. Domestic production.