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The people here are the political system of the province, with the role of creating and developing. The local institutional system is aimed at restructuring the economy and renewing the growth model; develop a roadmap to gradually reduce coal mining in association with environmental restoration and return to closed mines; calculate "outputs" for businesses, workers and people to change occupations; creating an attractive business investment environment to encourage businesses of all economic sectors to invest in the development of environmentally friendly economic sectors, while solving the problem of growth and labor and employment. for workers to change occupations, especially based on the advantages of developing tourism, services and industries that are intensive in science and technology; propagandize and educate the entire people in the transition, not only meeting the transformation of livelihoods and occupations but also the culture and lifestyle from being a miner to doing tourism and doing high technology, including requirements approach ecological civilization; restructuring fishing village communities in association with livelihood settlement to enhance the ability to protect the ecological environment for Ha Long Bay; State investment focuses on breakthrough stages to lead private investment to expand and develop environmentally friendly fields, opening up 'green' economic corridors to replace economic corridors. the previous “brown” economy; promote the application of science - technology, develop the circular economy to save resources, limit emissions and pollute the environment...

Source: Collector