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From the place where they first drew the map of the country, Quang Ninh people are aware and responsible that dynamism, creativity and generosity must be transformed into the results of the renovation process, realizing great aspirations. People's growth becomes the driving force and resource for development.

Quang Ninh is the first province in the country that has reported and approved by the Prime Minister to hire a foreign consulting unit to prepare strategic plans of the province. These plans lay the foundation for the process of greening the vision of generations of leaders of Quang Ninh province when operating and organizing the implementation of development goals and tasks. “Green growth” is a self-fulfilling need of a province that takes tourism as a pillar economic sector for development, has rapid industrialization and urbanization, and puts great pressure on sustainable development. If the growth model is not transformed from "brown" to "green", conflicts will arise, hindering long-term development, not allowing to fully promote different potentials, outstanding opportunities, advantages. local comparison to create breakthroughs for fast and sustainable development” - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council Nguyen Xuan Ky.

Source: Collector