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Growth expectations from seaports


Only in the first 7 days of the year of the Year of the Rabbit 2023, Quang Ninh's ports have received nearly 260 ships, transporting over 1 million tons of goods. Busy trains coming in and out, importing and exporting new goods and bringing international visitors to Quang Ninh right during the Tet holiday promise a prosperous year for the seaport economy.

In 2022, the first year of recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, production, import and export activities from enterprises recovered slowly, which made seaport activities in the province less exciting, cargo volume less than normal. Customs clearance through ports only reached nearly 90% of the plan. According to a representative of the Quang Ninh Port Authority, the slow growth of goods in 2022 is due to many factors, including the "Zero Covid" policy of the Chinese market, which has reduced many strong goods of the province; The processing and manufacturing industry faced many market difficulties, supply chain disruptions, leading to poor import-export goods. In 2023, the Chinese market is connected again, Quang Ninh is interested by many investors, implementing new investment plans, especially in the field of processing - manufacturing with the need to import equipment and goods. This promises to be an exciting year for Quang Ninh seaport.

According to statistics from the Quang Ninh Port Authority during the 7 days of Tet holiday (from January 22 to January 28), Quang Ninh's seaports welcomed 425 ships, of which 259 ships transported over 1 million ships. tons of goods of all kinds. As for passenger ship operations, on the first day of the Lunar New Year (January 22), Silver Spirit brought 500 international tourists, mainly American and European nationals, to Quang Ninh at the passenger port. Ha Long International. This is a good signal, having an extremely important mark for Quang Ninh tourism industry when cruise tourism is restored.


Cai Lan Port during the Lunar New Year holiday 2023.

In the development strategy, the marine economy has been identified by Quang Ninh as the driving force and pillar of growth when the province possesses outstanding competitive advantages with 250km of sea routes, deep-water ports, specialized passenger ports, and transportation infrastructure. In recent years, the province has paid special attention, prioritized the development of seaport infrastructure and promoted solutions to attract goods, create conditions for shipping lines to access the port. Quang Ninh beach.

However, due to the objective impact of the epidemic and the international context, the exploitation of seaport advantages has not really been commensurate with the existing potential. In order for the marine economy to accelerate in 2023 and the next period, the province is currently promoting the implementation of brand promotion activities, optimizing port operations, optimizing wharfs, and supporting other ports. port operations from the anchorage area. At the same time, standardize the mining process, apply many technological solutions, apply software, increase mining productivity and service quality; improve the capacity of loading and unloading goods to save time and costs for shippers. State management and public service agencies constantly improve and improve service quality, in order to bring the most convenience and convenience to customers with the determination to simplify and shorten the time to deploy the services. procedure.

In parallel, in order to improve competitiveness and develop logistics services in general and logistics in seaports in particular, it is expected that in February 2023, the province will hold a symposium on this content. In particular, there will be many comments from domestic and international experts, shippers and shipping lines to identify, evaluate and offer solutions to satisfy, improve competitiveness and develop. logistics services in Quang Ninh.


Loading and unloading activities at Cai Lan Port on the 4th day of the Lunar New Year 2023.

Up to this point, Quang Ninh is the locality with the most diverse and best transport infrastructure in the North, the main roads such as highways along the province, coastal road system Ha Long - Cam Pha, Love Bridge, Bridge Cua Luc 3, Dam Nha Mac intersection, Ha Long Xanh intersection, Quang Yen - Dong Trieu 10-lane road... are connecting industrial zones, economic zones and economic development centers of the province. This will create favorable conditions for the deployment of combined transport solutions, to save freight, help businesses increase capital turnover, reduce empty run time, enhance fuel cost control. materials, spare parts, supplies, repair... making an important contribution to effectively exploiting the seaport system in the province.

The non-stop trains during the recent Lunar New Year and Quang Ninh's initiative to improve the quality of seaport services have partly confirmed that the province's seaport system is ready to make a breakthrough. This is the foundation and important driving force, promising an exciting year for Quang Ninh seaport.