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In order to preserve the landscape, keep the space of limestone mountains and mangrove forests, and minimize the impact on the environment, the coastal route of Ha Long - Cam Pha is designed to follow the cliffs near the shore.

Ha Long - Cam Pha sea contour is invested from the perspective of a landscape route, keeping the space of limestone mountains and mangroves, minimizing the impact on the environment. Therefore, the route is designed to follow the cliffs near the shore, avoid mangrove locations, make tunnels through the mountains instead of the plan of breaking mountains to build roads... Therefore, on the route there are a number of road locations. curve according to the actual topography of the area. When completed synchronously, the route will not only reduce the load on National Highway 18, complete the 6-lane sea route..., but also become the most beautiful tourist route in the province connecting Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.

Therefore, relevant units should soon complete the legal procedures and hand over between the two phases to continue investing in line in accordance with the direction of the province. At the moment, it is necessary to review traffic safety items and strengthen warning work on the route. People and vehicles when traveling on the seashore also need to raise their awareness of participating in traffic, obeying commands, signs, and limiting speed to ensure safety.

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