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Support for the right needs, at the right time

 Business representatives proposed to remove difficulties in the implementation of Resolution No. 68/NQ-CP at the business meeting, August 2021.

As a key locality in terms of tourism and service development, most of the city's business community continues to face many difficulties and challenges when these fields are all heavily affected by the pandemic. Caused by Covid-19. Faced with these difficulties, in 2021, the city has organized 10 programs of talks and conferences to contact and exchange with workers and businesses. Thereby, receiving 37 comments with 45 proposals and recommendations from businesses.

Through the programs of seminars and conferences, it was found that businesses and employees all have the desire to soon access the support packages of the Government and of the provinces and cities, and have requested the functional units to quickly review them. control businesses eligible for support to guide the completion of procedures according to regulations. Specifically, implementing resolutions and decisions of the Government and the province on a number of policies to support employees and employers facing difficulties due to the pandemic, the city has resolved to reduce contributions to the disaster fund. labor accidents and occupational diseases for nearly 2,900 units and over 78,000 employees, totaling 14.3 billion VND; supporting 599 employees of 3 enterprises to temporarily stop paying to the retirement and survivorship fund, nearly 4.5 billion dong; support for 482 employees of 43 units and enterprises due to temporary suspension of labor contracts, unpaid leave, more than 1.9 billion VND; supporting 304 business households, 912 million VND; The City Bank for Social Policies reviewed and supported the loan policy to pay wages to stop working, pay wages to restore production for 20 businesses with 337 employees, 795 turns of employees taking loans, more than 2.8 billion VND.

 Processing products at Quang Ninh Seafood Import Export Joint Stock Company.

Mr. Le Xuan Cau, Deputy Director of Quang Ninh Seafood Import-Export Joint Stock Company, shared: The Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted the import and export activities of the Company, greatly affecting the life of the company. employment of workers. Facing the difficulties of businesses, the city has asked specialized departments and divisions to review the support packages of the central and provincial governments; From August 2021, the Company will be entitled to a 1% reduction in loan interest rates, in the third quarter of 2021, a 10% reduction in the amount of electricity payable. Although the source of support for the unit is not much, it is a source of encouragement to help businesses overcome difficulties to overcome the pandemic.

Along with supporting tourism and service businesses, the city organizes to support the consumption of agricultural products for establishments and business households through many practical activities: Free point of sale support; connection deployment support consumption; supporting businesses to open national stores on major e-commerce exchanges (Alibaba, Amazone, Tiki, Lazada, Sendo, Shopee); cooperated with Viettel Quang Ninh Postal Branch to put the products and goods of the two units on the e-commerce floor.

With these efforts, in the DDCI Ranking 2021, Ha Long City has improved a lot compared to previous years to stand in the group of good localities in improving the business investment environment.

Attach each content with specific responsibilities

 Ha Long City Public Administration Center reviews and promptly handles late payment applications.

Emphasizing the role of businesses in the development of the city, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Minh, Standing Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee, affirmed: Ha Long always defines "health" of businesses as "health". of the economy, the city government has been making every effort to implement synchronous measures to effectively control the epidemic as soon as possible. At the same time, focus on solving difficulties, supporting businesses to overcome difficulties to accelerate and break out even more strongly in the next period, building Ha Long into a green, smart, multi-polar city.

With the determination to increase the "health" of businesses, in the first 3 months of this year, the city issued a business contact plan, a conference to analyze and evaluate the results of a survey of the high-level competitiveness index. localities and discuss solutions to support and accompany businesses.

 The functional force of Yet Kieu ward (Ha Long city) inspects epidemic prevention work at Ha Long View amusement park.

The plans and solutions are all tied to the responsibility of each unit in charge, the unit that performs according to specific tasks. Specifically, with the Center for Public Administration, the city requires to strengthen the transparency of administrative processes and procedures so that businesses know the components of the dossier; strictly control the process of receiving and returning documents, in order toreduce the number of returned records; advise the city to ensure that the number of inspections does not overlap, meets the practical requirements of anti-epidemic and does not interfere with the production and business process of enterprises. The City's Economic Department must innovate the way, pay attention to the quality of meeting, contact, business dialogues, entrepreneurs, increase the number of programs and the percentage of businesses invited. The city's Justice Department must publicize information on the Portal about new mechanisms and policies, ongoing socio-economic development tasks, projects and investment items, in order to collect revenue from customers. attract businesses to refer to information regularly. The Departments of Natural Resources and Environment and the City's Urban Management Department hastened the implementation of key projects and the clearance progress of projects related to large areas of land that must be acquired, affecting the operations of businesses.

At the same time, the city will regularly correct discipline and administrative discipline for public servants in the performance of official duties, especially public servants who directly contact and deal with business-related matters.

These solutions are all aimed at the common goal of creating the most favorable conditions for the development of businesses, thereby attracting maximum resources for the city's development investment.