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Ha Long City: Soon to add land exploitation points for leveling


According to the review results of Ha Long City, the total demand for leveling materials in the area by 2025 is 174 million m3. But the total reserves of the existing land mines can only provide about 14 million m3. In the next 2 years, Ha Long city needs to have an additional 160 million m3 to meet the demand for leveling land for projects. Thus, if Ha Long City does not soon add land exploitation points for leveling, key projects of the province and city will face many difficulties in construction implementation.


The Ha Long City Fatherland Front Committee supervises the exploitation of land mines for leveling projects in the area.

In the 9 areas of hilly and leveling land in Ha Long City at present, there are 5 areas that have stopped mining, 3 areas are completing dossiers, not yet exploited, and 1 area is being exploited. Areas that have stopped mining: Land exploitation in Cai Ma area, phase I and II (Dai Yen ward); hill area in Troi I area (Hoang Bo ward); 2 hill areas in Troi 2 area (Hoang Bo ward). 3 areas are currently completing the profile, there are 2 areas of hills in Troi 2 (Hoang Bo ward) and the hilly area of Lang village (Thong Nhat commune). The only remaining mining area is in Dai Yen ward and Viet Hung ward with mining reserves of nearly 7.2 million m3. Currently, this area has exploited over 5 million m3, remaining about 2 million m3.

Thus, the current source of leveling materials in Ha Long City is not much. According to the city's assessment of the demand for leveling materials for projects by 2025, with 8 out-of-budget investment projects in the area, the demand for using soil and rock for leveling is up to nearly 174 million. m3.

It is worth mentioning that out of 8 non-budget investment projects, the Ha Long Xanh project alone on the side of Ha Long City has reached about 100 million m3. This is the first 5-star complex project in the city. The project has a total planning area of more than 4,110 hectares, spread over two localities, Quang Yen town and Ha Long city, with an investment capital of about 10 billion USD (equivalent to over 232,000 billion VND), of which Ha Long City has 924ha. According to the plan, the progress of the Ha Long Xanh project invested by Vingroup is divided into 5 phases, starting to launch in 2020 and finishing the handover in 2036. Currently the project is implementing leveling. equal to the golf course area, however, due to the difficulty of leveling and filling the ground to serve the ground, the construction progress has not met the set requirements, the project only mobilizes about 70% of the capacity of machinery and equipment. bag.