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Ha Long "reaches the finish line" difficult criteria in building a new countryside


Before 2020, Ha Long City was the only province in the province that did not implement the new rural program (NTM) because there was no commune. After merging with Hoanh Bo district, Ha Long City began to implement the program to build new homes amidst a lot of chaos and difficulties when there were still many uncompleted criteria and targets. However, after nearly 3 years of merger, Ha Long has ensured all the conditions to be recognized as a locality meeting NTM standards.



Developing VietGAP guava model has brought high income to people in Son Duong commune (Ha Long city).

12 communes of Hoanh Bo district formerly had a large natural area, but mainly forests and mountains; fragmented terrain. Nearly 40% of the total population are ethnic minorities; there are 3 communes still in the special zone (Dong Son, Dong Lam, Ky Thuong). The starting point of all 12 communes when implementing the new rural development program in 2010 was very low. The per capita income is just over 11 million VND/person/year, the poverty rate is up to 11.5%. If considering the criteria and targets of the program, the communes only achieved an average of 4.08/19 criteria and 12.5/39 targets. It is worth mentioning that there are hard criteria that all 12 communes have not met, such as: Planning, transportation, schools, cultural facilities, income, and environment. By the end of 2020, the city will be recognized as 18/72 villages meeting the standards of rural villages.


Ha Long City has established a Steering Committee for the program of building new rural areas, consolidating the office of rural areas, organizing training courses for officials in charge of the program; proactively invest over 4,000 billion VND in resources for upland communes in the period of 2021-2025 in the direction of clear objectives and specific content, suitable to practical conditions; continue to direct the implementation of improving the quality of standards that have met standards, especially criteria on production form, income, poor households, environment... according to the criteria of the Red River Delta in the period 2021- 2025.