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Hai Ha: Promote investment attraction




With synchronous solutions to improve the business investment environment, in the first half of 2023, Hai Ha district attracted 9 new businesses, bringing the total number to 251 businesses and cooperatives operating in the area. Hai Ha's District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) in 2022 increased 8 places compared to 2021, currently ranked 4th in the ranking of localities.

 Hai Ha district organized a conference to analyze PAR INDEX, SIPAS, DGI, ICT, DDCI indicators in 2022 and reward outstanding examples in improving local indicators. Photo: CTV

Determining that administrative reform plays an important role to meet the requirements of socio-economic development in the new situation, in recent years Hai Ha district has regularly focused on this task. In particular, the content of Resolution No. 05-NQ/TU dated April 9, 2021 of the Provincial Party Committee on promoting administrative reform, improving the business investment environment, and enhancing competitiveness at the provincial level The 2021-2025 period, with an orientation to 2030, is continuously thoroughly understood and concretized into key tasks at agencies, units, communes and towns in the area.

Notably, the district has sent qualified and competent staff to work at the Public Administration Center and modern commune-level receiving and returning results departments to resolve administrative procedures for citizens, organizations and businesses. Karma. Maximum savings in time, procedures for resolving administrative procedures, increased transparency, application of digital transformation... clearly show the spirit of "taking the satisfaction of organizations and individuals as a measure of quality and service efficiency".

The drastic direction of the Party Committee, Party Committees, and authorities at all levels has helped administrative reform work in Hai Ha district to have clear changes. Specifically, the review and reduction of administrative procedure resolution time at the District Public Administration Center was 1,128/3,439 days, reaching 33%; Cutting time at modern commune-level receiving and returning results departments is 402/1,034.5 days, reaching 39%. The implementation of listing and publicity is applied to 370 administrative procedures, in 54 fields at the district level and 48 connected procedures at the commune level. In the first 6 months of 2023, the result of processing documents for citizens, organizations and businesses reached 100% on time and before due date, with no overdue documents. A total of 2,287 surveys collected opinions to evaluate people's satisfaction with agencies and civil servants handling administrative procedures, 100% showed satisfied or very satisfied results.

In addition, to overcome difficulties for businesses, the district maintains face-to-face meeting activities in the form of "Business Coffee" and quarterly dialogue conferences. Thereby, promptly listen to objective feedback on the effectiveness of business support activities; recognize the reality of existing difficulties of businesses in investment procedures to take measures to jointly solve them. Especially accompanying businesses and investors in effectively applying current policies, encouraging association models (individual households with businesses; cooperatives with businesses; cooperative groups with businesses). ...) to harmoniously promote the interests of farmers - investors - the state and expand the market. Thanks to that, the relationship between government and businesses becomes even closer and more connected.

 Production area of Hoa Loi Dat Garment Company Limited (Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park).

Following the province's orientation and clearly identifying available potentials and advantages, Hai Ha district has proactively given clear directions in sustainable development in all fields, as a basis for implementing attractive activities. businesses invest in the area in the near future. In particular, in terms of industry, the district prioritizes projects to develop processing, manufacturing, high-tech, clean, smart, and environmentally friendly industries. The district also promotes comprehensive digital transformation, connectivity, development of digital economy, digital society, digital citizenship... to create new growth values in socio-economic sectors and fields. ..

The focused conditions for attracting investment have created positive changes in the quality of people's lives in Hai Ha district. This is the motivation for the district to strive to achieve advanced rural standards in 2023, becoming an industrial and service district with synchronous socio-economic infrastructure, gradually modernizing, basically meeting the criteria for grade 3 urban areas. in 2025.