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 Provincial leaders talked and encouraged technical workers working at the silicon wafer technology project of Jinko Solar Industry Co., Ltd. (Vietnam).

The province's target is 2022, continuing to maintain the leading position in the country in terms of PCI and DDCI. At the same time, improve the quality of online public service provision of the province in the direction of using shared platforms; strives for most eligible provincial, district, and commune public services to be provided online at level 4 across a variety of means of access. By 2023, the province will basically complete the construction of digital infrastructure and an open database system, capable of sharing and integrating synchronously, inter-connected, and modern. By 2025, comprehensively and synchronously complete the process of solid digital transformation, ensuring connectivity, data sharing, unification, safety, information security, and network security. e-government project, digital government, digital economy, digital society. In the process of improving the business environment and enhancing competitiveness, the province will maximize its potentials and strengths in seaport development and port services, logistics services, and border trade activities. ... Along with that, is the goal of attracting new-generation FDI reaching at least 1.5 billion USD; strive to establish 2,000 new enterprises in 2022; reduce the rate of enterprises being dissolved or ceased to operate; reduce input costs, informal costs for businesses and people, and step up the removal of difficulties and obstacles caused by the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to realize this goal, the province has also set out 7 groups of tasks and key solutions, closely following the direction of the Central Government and the province, and assigning specific responsibilities to each department, branch and locality for implementation. presently. In which, focus on the basic contents, including: Continuing drastic, substantive and effective reform of administrative procedures, creating an open, favorable and transparent business and investment environment; fully, consistently and effectively implement tasks and solutions on administrative reform, improve business investment environment, and enhance provincial competitiveness as set out in Resolution No. 05-NQ/TU dated 9 April 2021 of the Provincial Party Committee and Action Plan No. 131/CTr-UBND dated July 2, 2021 of the Provincial People's Committee. Along with that, the focus is on directing the development and implementation of strategies and medium- and long-term plans with clear goals and specific roadmaps to create solid changes to fundamental targets. , like: Convert numbers; environmental protection for sustainable development; multi-dimensional poverty reduction and socio-economic development, ensuring national security in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, border areas and islands; sustainable development of private sector enterprises; developing an innovation ecosystem, supporting and encouraging innovative start-ups...

Along with supporting people and businesses to restore production and business, overcome the negative impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic being implemented by the province, the tasks and solutions specifically set out above, certainly will help Quang Ninh continue to be a "bright spot" in dramatically and substantively improving the business environment, enhancing competitiveness, becoming one of the development locomotives of the Northern region, one of the key economic point, major tourist center of the country and the region...

Source: Collector