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Improve operational efficiency of industrial zones and clusters



“During the development process, Binh Duong province realized that policy mechanisms in the management and development of industrial parks and industrial clusters and legal regulations on investment, land, construction... have not yet been updated. updated and completed synchronously, affecting the management and development process of industrial zones and clusters, affecting the psychology of investors.

Regarding legality, framework regulations for industrial parks and industrial clusters only stop at the Decree level.

Regarding the approval of investment policies and selection of investors in industrial parks and industrial clusters, specialized decrees on industrial clusters are not consistent in selecting investors to build technical infrastructure and have not regulated clearly define the time to stop receiving requests to become investors.

In addition, according to regulations, foreign experts and workers are allowed to temporarily reside in accommodation facilities in industrial parks. This causes more and more foreign workers to temporarily reside in industrial zones, leading to many complications in administrative management of political order and security.

Regarding coordination in state management of industrial zones and clusters, there are currently no detailed instructions on decentralization and authorization in handling administrative procedures.

Regarding the development of new models, the implementation of building a circular economy faces many difficulties, there are not many typical and effective circular economy models; There are no policies, guidelines, criteria or methods to evaluate selective investment attraction or relocation of businesses out of residential areas into industrial parks and industrial clusters...

These shortcomings and difficulties greatly affect the implementation and implementation of management and development of industrial parks and industrial clusters in the locality. Unclear regulations on policy approval and investor approval, land origin, land price determination, financial obligations... will cause legal consequences related to state budget loss. This is one of the issues that inspection, inspection, auditing, and investigation agencies all have different perspectives and ways of applying that are different from localities in the operating process.

Regarding problems related to the legal framework, investment incentive policies and promoting models of advanced and modern industrial zones and clusters, Binh Duong province recommends that the Central Government quickly institutionalize regulations. manage and develop economic zones, industrial parks, and industrial clusters to have equivalent legal value and create uniformity in the process of applying laws in the fields of investment, construction, land... to actively create a favorable business and investment environment.