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In order to contribute to improving the efficiency and applicability of S&T tasks to socio-economic development, in 2022, the Department of Science and Technology will continue to strengthen the review, inspection and supervision of the implementation of S&T tasks. organizations and individuals.

 The Department of Science and Technology organizes the Provincial Council for the acceptance of S&T tasks.

In recent years, research activities and implementation of S&T tasks in the province have focused on applicability, effectiveness and achieved some positive results. Scientific programs, topics and projects, especially science and technology tasks at national, provincial and grassroots levels, have closely followed and effectively served economic development goals and tasks - local society, unit. In particular, many models of application of scientific and technological advances that have been effective in research and experiment have been replicated and promoted effectively in social life...

To achieve that result, the Department of Science and Technology has focused on disseminating and guiding the People's Committees of districts, towns, cities, departments, branches, organizations and individuals to implement science and technology policies and tasks; at the same time, strengthen inspection, supervision, and urge the implementation of S&T tasks to ensure progress and quality. As a result, the S&T tasks registered to perform by organizations and individuals have closely followed the local socio-economic development process.

In 2022, the Department of Science and Technology has developed a plan on ordering and proposing S&T tasks at the provincial level, sent to departments, branches and localities and publicly and widely announced. Accordingly, 232 proposals were received for the implementation of S&T tasks. Through review and appraisal, the Department has submitted to the Provincial People's Committee for approval 17 provincial science and technology tasks, 8 tasks under the Framework Project on conservation of genetic resources for implementation from 2022.


Leaders of the Department of Science and Technology check the progress of the provincial science and technology task "Research, trial and improvement of early ripening lychee PH40 in Quang Ninh".


S&T tasks are concentrated in the following fields: Science and technology and technology; agricultural science; medical science; In which, there are many topics and tasks, when completed, will contribute to solving difficulties in production and life, serving the socio-economic development of the province, such as: Research and build digital maps for cultural heritages of Quang Ninh province; applying artificial intelligence technology to build a digital tourism system for sustainable tourism development; solutions to improve the innovation capacity of enterprises in order to improve the competitiveness of Quang Ninh province; zone zoning for the development of medicinal plants and key crops for the province; conservation of genetic resources of long-leaved La Han conifers, genes of jasmine rice, and genes of Dong Trieu brackish water...

To ensure the progress and quality of science and technology tasks, the Department will strengthen propaganda, promote the participation and contributions of people, organizations, enterprises, and large corporations in proposing and implementing implementation. performing S&T tasks, especially in the stages of task identification and application and transfer of results. Well organize the application of research results into production and life to create new products and industries. Paying attention to improving the qualifications and capacity of the staff working in consulting, proposing, consulting, researching, applying and transferring science and technology in agencies, units, organizations of science and technology, the Council of Science and Technology and enterprises. businesses in the area to be able to advise, propose, place orders, identify practical S&T tasks and preside over the effective and quality implementation of topics and projects.

Along with focusing on reviewing and inspecting the implementation of S&T tasks of organizations and individuals on the principle of "3 nos" (no delay; no extension; no harmonization, transfer of sources). In which, organize the management and attach the responsibilities of the task manager, members, task accountant according to the task performance plan; well perform information work, coordinate with specialized departments of the Department to promptly handle existing and arising contents; coordinate to strictly handle violations; stop, withdraw the allocated funds, stop not performing new tasks.