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Improve the quality of inspection work


Over the past time, the Provincial Inspectorate has always made great efforts and implemented many solutions to improve the efficiency of inspection and inspection work, proactively advising on the development of synchronous programs and plans, and implementing them on a large scale, but not overlapping. cross, ensuring quality and efficiency, contributing to meeting the requirements set forth by state management in all fields.

In 2022, the provincial Inspectorate will continue to advise the province to innovate in directing the development of inspection programs and plans. Thereby focusing the leadership and direction of the Party Committee to strengthen the effectiveness, unity and cohesion in inspection and supervision activities of the Party, supervision of the People's Council, and critical supervision of the Fatherland Front and mass organizations. of the province with the inspection work of the government. Provincial Party Committee promulgates Program No. 09-CTr/TU dated December 8, 2021 on inspection, supervision and inspection in 2022...

Agencies and units with the function of inspection and examination of the province have implemented inspection and examination activities in accordance with the orientations, programs and plans set out and approved by competent authorities, contributing to ensure stability in the province's socio-economic recovery and development after the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, Provincial Inspectors and inspectors of units and localities have made great efforts to focus on timely deploying a large volume of unscheduled inspections at the request of the management and administration of the Party Committee and Government. authority at all levels, meeting the requirements set forth by the state management in all fields in the locality.