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Improve the quality of staff to handle administrative procedures


With the goal of building a clean, modern administration, operating effectively, efficiently and showing serviceability. Therefore, Quang Ninh pays special attention to building a standard behavior style and professional qualifications of officials, civil servants and public employees in public service activities, especially the team of officials handling procedures. administration (TTHC). Thereby, creating the most favorable conditions for people and businesses in solving administrative procedures as quickly as possible., public administration centers at all levels handle administrative procedures according to the principle of "5 on the spot" to create favorable conditions for organizations and citizens.

With the goal of solving administrative procedures according to the principle of "5 on the spot", receiving, appraising, approving, stamping and returning results right at the center in association with reducing the time for handling administrative procedures compared to regulations. The Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee of Quang Ninh province have directed and mastered the heads of departments, departments, branches and localities when sending cadres to work at the Centers to select people with capacity, professional qualifications and experience. Working experience, ethical qualities, good communication skills, and appointing a Deputy Head of Department and equivalent or higher, having full authority to directly handle administrative procedures of the sector right at the Center, with a time limit of 12 months. month or more.

In order to better serve the needs of organizations and citizens, the modern public administration centers at all levels and the reception and return department at the commune and ward level are equipped with modern equipment such as: : Monitoring cameras, equipment to survey the satisfaction of organizations, people and businesses to monitor and evaluate the staff working here and the results of administrative procedures.

According to people's assessment, public administration centers at all levels have good service style and quick administrative procedures.

Through the survey results in the first 6 months of 2022, 99.6% of the votes of people and businesses recorded the time to solve administrative problems at public administrative centers at all levels, good service style, Quick and easy administrative procedure, this is the most objective assessment of the service quality at the Center.

Up to now, most of the officials involved in the administrative procedure resolution process at all levels have basically met the general requirements with a high sense of responsibility, dedicated service attitude, proper communication and behavior with the public. citizens in performing official duties, creating trust and friendliness with organizations, people and businesses in the process of handling administrative procedures at the Center. However, there are still some modern reception and return departments in some localities that still have certain limitations, especially in the application of information technology in solving administrative procedures for people.