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Improving the capacity to attract foreign investment capital (Part 1)


“Potential land”, “open policy”, “abundant resources” are the comments of many domestic and foreign investors for Quang Ninh. Continuing to create trust for investors, the province is making efforts to promote the available potentials, actively implementing innovative ways to have the most attractive investment environment.

Quang Ninh has an important geostrategic position in terms of politics and economy; is the only locality in the country that has both land and sea borders with China. Not only that, Quang Ninh owns a large area, rich natural resources, rich natural ecosystems, diverse terrain. Over the past years, Quang Ninh has devoted a lot of resources to invest in synchronous, modern and breakthrough development, especially in strategic transport infrastructure connecting road, waterway and air. Along with that, the young and highly skilled workforce is gradually becoming the province's competitive advantage. Quang Ninh is also a locality with the largest total area of ​​industrial parks and economic zones in the country with 2 coastal economic zones, 3 border gate economic zones, and 16 industrial parks. The business investment environment and administrative reform have been increasingly improved, contributing to cutting indirect costs of investors and businesses in the process of investment, production and business.

However, investors still have many desires to be able to consider Quang Ninh as an attractive investment destination. Mr. Lam Yi Yong, Managing Director of Singapore Business Federation (SBF) shared: In order to attract and retain Singaporean investors in the long term, in addition to infrastructure, tax and customs incentives, we I am very interested in the living environment conditions for the family, such as schools, hospitals, amusement parks... with high quality, world class. I hope that the provinces and cities of Vietnam in general, and Quang Ninh province in particular, need to pay more attention to this issue.

 The Jinko Solar Vietnam Silicon Plate Technology Project has been put into operation and production. Photo: Manh Truong

Besides, some units also want Quang Ninh province to pay more attention to the development of clean energy according to the general trend of the world. Mr. Csaba Bundik, Vice President of Central and Eastern European Business Association in Vietnam, said: Production is now also gradually shifting to using clean energy. This is also a new challenge in attracting and inviting investment, not only for Quang Ninh but also for Vietnam. Investors want access to clean energy, trained human resources and fair treatment. You need to focus on areas such as clean energy, invest in education and strengthen connectivity to make good use of your geopolitical advantages.