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Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a particularly important capital flow for growth and international economic integration, contributing to additional capital, technology, management capacity, business ability, organization and participation. join the global supply chain. Clearly identifying that, over the past time, the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Quang Ninh) has actively developed and implemented many new solutions to attract investors to learn and implement the project. in the province.

 Amata Group in Quang Ninh and KDDI Group (Japan) awarded a memorandum of understanding at the conference on investment promotion of Japanese businesses in Quang Ninh province in 2021.

According to statistics, in 2021, the total foreign direct investment (FDI) capital in the province's industrial zones and economic zones will reach over 1 billion USD, equivalent to nearly 25,000 billion VND, an increase of 2.1 times compared to the previous year. 2020 and achieved 269% of the year's plan to attract FDI. In which, granting new investment registration certificates for 8 FDI projects, with the registered capital of over 960 million USD, equivalent to more than 22,200 billion VND; granted investment adjustment certificates for 17 times of FDI projects, of which 4 projects increased capital, with the additional capital reaching nearly 112 million USD, equivalent to 2,701 billion VND.

In the last two years, before the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the investment promotion method has also been renewed in the direction of prioritizing the focus of on-site investment promotion and investment promotion at the destination of Quang Ninh instead of organizing investment promotion. organize delegations abroad. At the same time, change the mode of investment promotion from "live" to "online", especially increasing the application of information technology to improve the efficiency of investment promotion such as organizing and participating in online conferences and seminars. online; work with investors and provide information by phone, email, social network, online meeting application; regularly update information on XTDT website to develop the website into a useful reference channel for investment information in Quang Ninh.

Typically from the beginning of 2022, IPA Quang Ninh has focused on investment promotion work with Japanese and Korean partners through on-site promotion conferences, online promotion of exchanges with investors and businesses. Specifically, in February, IPA organized a program to meet early spring and work with JETRO Hanoi, leaders of promotion agencies of Japan and Korea; April, Quang Ninh IPA held a meeting with Sumitomo Mitsui banking Corporation Japan Vietnam branch on cooperation and investment promotion plan of Quang Ninh province; worked with JETRO Hanoi to introduce investors…

 Quang Ninh IPA worked online with Sumitomo Bank (Japan) to learn about the cooperation plan and investment promotion of Quang Ninh province.

Through exchanging and learning about the investment environment in Quang Ninh, Mr. Lee Jong Seob, President of KOTRA Southeast Asia and Oceania, General Director of KOTRA Hanoi commented: Quang Ninh is a oriented area, strategy with a clear thinking and development vision by the leadership and direction of the province's leaders and is a place full of potential and advantages that can attract large investment flows from Korea. . Especially, for businesses wishing to restructure their supply chains, expand and diversify their production and business chains, and import-export-oriented manufacturing enterprises by convenient transport connections. convenient to major international markets of the region through a synchronous system of highways, airports, seaports, etc.

In the coming time, it is expected that Quang Ninh province will carefully prepare human resources and land funds for projects; interested in researching the industrial-urban model exclusively for Korean businesses to attract investors and suppliers and ancillary businesses to form a chain of large-scale, closely linked projects. closely and support each other.

Up to the present time, the province has 12 projects with investment capital from Korea still in operation, with a total capital of more than 123 million USD; There are 6 direct investment projects from Japan with total registered investment capital of about 45.4 million USD.

According to the representative of IPA Quang Ninh, in the coming time, the Board will continue to implement measures to invite and promote investment for Korean and Japanese enterprises to enter Quang Ninh. At the same time, speed up the construction of a set of intensive promotion documents, renewal and completion of the database and intensive investment promotion publications in Japanese and Korean languages ​​exclusively for Japanese and Korean businesses. , especially in the field of manufacturing, processing and logistics industries. At the same time, actively approach and follow up with investors through the roles of the Investment Support Working Groups of the province (Investor Care) and the Japan Business Support Department (Japan Desk), the Investment Support Department of the province. Korean Investment Support (Korea Desk); find out, connect with specific and really potential partners to organize investment promotion delegations in Japanese and Korean markets. Quang Ninh hopes that through promotion activities in the Japanese and Korean markets, it will be "leverage" to attract large investors from other markets inside and outside the region.