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Linking the region with many new traffic works

Investment in infrastructure improvement, especially transport infrastructure, is one of three strategic breakthroughs that Quang Ninh has identified as a key task throughout the 2020-2025 and long term. Immediately after the 15th Provincial Party Congress, following the successes in infrastructure development, Quang Ninh implemented many new traffic projects with high connectivity. In which, continue to persistently implement the motto "taking public investment to lead investment", prioritizing the arrangement and use of state budget capital (expected to be 58,700 billion VND in the 2021-2025 period) as a primer to finance investment. stimulate and exploit to the maximum capital sources of other economic sectors for the development of transport infrastructure.

 Van Don - Mong Cai Expressway, the last expressway section to form the highway axis along the province connecting Hanoi - Hai Phong - Ha Long - Mong Cai, is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2022.

With the drastic direction and management from the province to the locality, the timely arrangement of capital is the driving force so that the key traffic projects and projects in Quang Ninh, right after the launch, quickly "come into the world". reel" speeds up construction. Since the beginning of the term, the province has completed more than 30 traffic works. Typically, Trieu Bridge connects Quang Ninh with Hai Duong; Love bridge; The sea border of Ha Long - Cam Pha was put into operation and used to the joy and excitement of the people, the congratulations of the Central leaders.

The following projects will be completed by the end of this year, such as: Van Don - Mong Cai Expressway, the last section of expressway to form a highway along the province connecting Hanoi - Hai Phong - Ha Long - Mong Cai; Cua Luc Bridge 3, adding a project connecting the two banks of Cua Luc, affirming the determination to build Ha Long as a grade I city in the largest province in the country in terms of natural area and unique diversity of landscape and topography. , travel resources; At the intersections of Dam Nha Mac, Ha Long Xanh, play the role of connecting the western area with the Ha Long - Hai Phong - Hanoi highway. These are all traffic projects with the meaning of "opening the land, paving the way", the traffic gateways connecting to the region and the world are opened, the land space is promoted.

 Cua Luc Bridge 3, expected to be completed in 2022, will connect the two banks of Cua Luc to Hon Gai (Ha Long City).

In order to strengthen regional connectivity and regional connectivity, Quang Ninh is continuing to complete investment procedures, expected to start construction in the third quarter of 2022, the riverside road connecting Ha Long - Hai Phong highway with Dong Trieu town, is a long, long road. 41.2km, total investment is over 9,400 billion VND. The route plays an important role in the external and internal transportation network, and is also an axis of spatial development, connecting important urban areas with the western economic corridor of the province. At the same time, awakening the great potential and advantages that each locality possesses, playing the role of a driving force, the new nucleus promoting the growth of the Western region, as well as the nucleus of Ha Long urban area; create a driving force to promote development, increase attractiveness to attract investors...

The province is also studying to invest in roads connecting Ha Long - Lang Son and Ha Long - Bac Giang, which are important transport routes connecting and linking regions; especially connecting the heritages of the localities, opening up great opportunities for tourism development in Quang Ninh and Bac Giang and Lang Son. At the same time, reducing travel time from Bac Giang, Lang Son to Ha Long and vice versa; reduce the gap between regions, create motivation for ethnic minorities in highland areas to escape poverty.

Traffic continues to "go ahead, open the way"

Quang Ninh is the gateway to the world integration of the Northern Key Economic Zone, the node in the development cooperation area "Two Corridors, One Economic Belt between Vietnam and China" and the Gulf of Tonkin Inter-regional Cooperation. The ministry expands some Southeast Asian countries with China. Under the leadership of the Party, the support of the Central Committee and the promotion of bravery, self-reliance, self-reliance, dynamic and creative spirit... Over the years, Quang Ninh has prioritized resources for infrastructure development. traffic, strengthen links and has been assessed by the Central Government as one of the dynamic provinces, leading in the innovation and creativity of the Northern Delta, a growth pole of the Northern region.

 Ha Long - Hai Phong Expressway completed in 2018 has become an important highway axis of Quang Ninh connecting with Hanoi capital and northern provinces and cities.

With the view of "3 nos" (don't say no, don't say difficult and don't say yes but don't do), Quang Ninh soon identified conflicts, challenges, "knots"... to find ways to remove them. Especially in infrastructure development, transport infrastructure plays a key role, being the driving force of "going ahead, paving the way", because wherever the road goes, the people and the locality there develop there. If you have a boulevard, you will have a rich man"… Therefore, the province has promoted the mobilization of socialization resources to develop the infrastructure system in the context of a limited budget. Since then, forming a highway chain along the province nearly 200km long, owning an international passenger port, the first private international airport in Vietnam and new roads connecting to most of the key traffic routes, Northern provinces...

Mr. Hoang Quang Hai, Director of the Department of Transport and Communications, said: Promoting regional linkage is always one of the top priority tasks in the current period. This is an important driving force for growth, forming an economic connection chain. Therefore, with the role of "going ahead, paving the way" of the transport industry, in order to exploit the advantage of Quang Ninh's strategic location, shorten the travel time between regions, and narrow the regional gap. region… The Department of Transport and Communications has advised the province to implement the development orientation of the transport network, which is integrated in the socio-economic development plan of the province. The view is to continue to create breakthroughs with many new traffic works, synchronously connecting in all localities inside and outside the province. This will form a linked value chain, meet transportation needs, and create conditions for the economy to develop stably and sustainably.

 Van Don International Airport - The first private airport in Vietnam is invested in Quang Ninh.

Accordingly, in the next period, Quang Ninh's transport infrastructure will develop in a synchronous, comprehensive and modern direction, in line with the province's spatial and territorial organization orientation, on the basis of making the most of its advantages in transportation. geography. Develop reasonable transport infrastructure, ensure the harmonious connection of modes of transport, interconnection with regional, national and international traffic networks. In which, focus on upgrading, expanding, supplementing and building a number of routes with high connectivity and high transport demand; focus on developing ring roads, main roads and coastal roads connecting urban areas to distribute traffic volume, avoid the risk of congestion, and form important traffic "blood vessels".

A clear orientation with the view of "go ahead, open the way" traffic will be the basis for the province to implement development plans and evenly distribute resources among all regions in the coming time. gradually form a reasonable and uniform traffic network throughout the province, with a scale suitable to each region and each locality, forming traffic axes connecting clusters and economic development areas of the province, creating favorable conditions for exploiting existing potentials and developing capacity of the transport and telecommunications sector, and at the same time, creating the sharing and spreading of good experience in state management, harmoniously resolving conflicts among localities in region.

The strong innovation with sustainable development strategies of Quang Ninh through new traffic projects in the context of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic has confirmed the dare-thinking and dare-do spirit of the provincial leaders. . Newly formed transport projects will gradually break down barriers separating regions, not only Quang Ninh will develop sustainably, but also share regional benefits when Lang Son and Bac Giang come closer to the sea. . Quang Ninh is affirming its position, new stature, new face, being the leading locality in promoting regional and international linkages.