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Infrastructure business investment project Ao Tien new urban area (Van Don): Absolutely no impact on Ha Long Bay


In the last 2 days, on the social network space, there have been pictures claiming to be in Ha Long Bay with information that there are signs of influence on Ha Long Bay Heritage. Claiming the image and information is not true, in fact this is a picture in Ao Tien area (Van Don district) within the scope of Van Don economic zone and this photo is not true to the current situation in Ao area. Tien today.


Ao Tien high-class port terminal area is being urgently completed.

According to the Management Board of Van Don Economic Zone, the planning of Ao Tien area was approved by the Provincial People's Committee in accordance with the general planning on construction of Van Don economic zone approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1296/QD-TTg dated 19 August 2009 and approved the adjustment in Decision No. 266/QD-TTg dated February 17, 2020. The project of Ao Tien New Urban Area has been assigned to investors by the Provincial People's Committee for construction investment since 2004. Up to now, the project has been basically completed and has been granted a certificate of land use right.

In this urban area, the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province has promoted and called for investment in 2 projects of a 5-star hotel and tourism complex in accordance with the approved planning; including: Crystal Holidays Harbor Van Don tourism, resort and entertainment complex with an area of ​​2.6 ha; including 5 buildings with the height from 28 to 33 floors; total investment capital of 3,612 billion VND; Ao Tien - Cat Linh Van Don luxury hotel and apartment complex with an area of ​​2.3 hectares, including: 5 tower blocks with a height of 26 to 34 floors; total investment capital of 3,910 billion VND. Currently, the above two projects are being actively implemented by investors, promising to soon bring Van Don economic zone a new look, attracting domestic and international tourists.


In Ao Tien urban area, traffic infrastructure has been completed and synchronously invested.

In addition, in the Ao Tien area, there is a project of high-class port Ao Tien - Van Don, which has been decided by the Provincial People's Committee to invest from 2020 with an area of ​​29.21 hectares; the maximum operating capacity is about 4.2 million passengers/year; The goal is to receive cruise ships carrying tourists up to 300 seats. Currently, the project is under construction and is basically completed.

After the inauguration of the project (expected in the third quarter of 2022), the traffic system in Van Don Economic Zone will be completed synchronously in terms of road, air and sea; timely meet the demand of transporting tourists for sightseeing and relaxation to the islands of Van Don and Co To districts and sightseeing on Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long Bay; to replace the now degraded Cai Rong Port.

The projects that have attracted investment in the past period in the Ao Tien area have been identified as the driving force and key in Van Don Economic Zone in order to synchronously complete the service and tourism infrastructure system, meet the promptly request the construction and development of Van Don economic zone into a multi-sectoral and multi-sector marine economic zone, an entertainment industry center with casino, high-class sea-island tourism, and general services; is the gateway for international trade, creating unique, different and modern products with high quality, brand name and international competitiveness.

Ao Tien area was formerly a swampy and deserted area. Over the years, this area has been called by the province to invest in infrastructure to serve the development of Van Don Economic Zone.