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Innovation - the driving force of economic growth



Developing science, technology and innovation plays an important role in economic growth, as well as all areas of social life.

Documents of the 13th Party Congress emphasize the need to develop science, technology and innovation , considering it one of the strategic breakthroughs in the current digital transformation context.

During the past half term, that viewpoint was expressed throughout the goals of the national action plan, playing an important role in economic growth, as well as all areas of social life.

The breakthrough in views on science and technology at the 13th Party Congress represents the core of promoting the transition from developing a dependent, processing, and assembling industry to a proactive and creative industry.

Currently, the country has more than 3,000 innovative startups. The National Innovation Center currently has about 50 startups. A series of new solutions such as robots, virtual reality, 3D printing... gradually change operating processes in factories, logistics, hospitals...

 In 2022, Vietnam will be in the group of 50 leading countries in the world in terms of creativity index. (Illustration - Photo: Investment Newspaper)

"The website systems, applications, and systems we use every day are being changed and updated a lot. Another great thing is that they are made by Vietnam," Mr. Hoang Bao Long, CEO of Cong. Lacbird company, said.

Recently, the National Assembly passed Resolution 98 on piloting specific mechanisms for Ho Chi Minh City development, including specific mechanisms for technology such as: tax incentives, attracting human resources, testing Experiment with new technology solutions. This is the basis for gaining lessons learned, gradually replicating in other localities and expanding to a national scale.

"Policy mechanisms to develop science, technology and innovation will open up new spaces for the city's new development pillars such as digital economy and innovation," Mr. Phan Van Mai, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, commented.

"Ministries, branches and localities have issued specific strategies and action programs. Many new models and new production and business methods have been formed. Many methods of mobilizing financial resources for innovation Creativity is implemented", Prof.Dr. Tran Tho Dat, Chairman of the Science and Training Council, National Economics University, said.

In 2022, Vietnam will be in the group of 50 leading countries in the world in terms of creativity index. However, there are still barriers in the scientific management mechanism, support for technology businesses, and risk-taking in scientific research that need to continue to be removed in the near future.

"We will mobilize resources and regulate regulations on how to mobilize resources for socialization. In particular, we will advise competent authorities to allocate resources from the budget. The state spends more on science, technology and innovation," said Mr. Tran Duy Dong, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment.

With the advantage of being a latecomer, we can move straight into new areas of the digital economy to accelerate, without waiting to perfect new technology for digital transformation. That fierce spirit from the 13th Party Congress needs to continue to be enhanced to soon realize the aspiration of developing a prosperous and happy country.

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