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Investor Care - Quang Ninh's initiative to support investment businesses


In 2020, Quang Ninh province ranks first in the country for the first time in 4 indexes, including: Provincial Competitiveness Index PCI and Public Administration Reform PAR Index (4th consecutive time); Satisfaction Index of Public Administrative Services SIPAS (2nd consecutive time); PAPI Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (leading for the first time). ICT Index measuring the readiness for development and application of information technology - communication of Quang Ninh also maintained the 3rd position nationwide.

In mid-October, Quang Ninh continued to establish Investor Care. This is a new initiative in implementing investment promotion on the spot, through supporting extra-budgetary investment projects in the province.

Investor Care Supporting Group operates under the direction of Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and Head of the IPA Committee. Mr. Bui Van Khang, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee, is in charge as team leader. The standing deputy team is led by Ms. Vu Thi Kim Chi, Standing Deputy Head of the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA). Other members are leaders of departments, agencies, leaders of districts, towns, cities and relevant officials in charge of improving the business investment environment.

Following the footsteps of investors

In discussion with Zing, Ms. Vu Thi Kim Chi, Deputy Head of the IPA Standing Committee, said that the special working group was established in the context of Quang Ninh's determination to maintain its leading position in the PAR Index, PCI, PAPI, SIPAS and further improve the business investment environment, administrative reform.

Quang Ninh Investor Care has the task of proactively capturing information, summarizing the implementation of extra-budgetary projects, finding out difficulties and obstacles in project implementation. Then promptly direct affiliated units to support and solve the recommendations, difficulties and problems of investors; propose to competent agencies to ensure progress, efficiency and reduce administrative procedures.

The first LNG gas power plant project in the North of Cam Pha City started on October 24. Photo: Quoc Nam.

Every month, the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) will preside over working, monitoring and collecting support, solving difficulties and problems, and reporting to the Provincial People's Committee on the results of solving these problems. The members of the working group are allowed to use the seals and specialized parts of their respective departments, divisions, branches and localities to assist in the operation process.

Administrative reform has only a beginning, no end. We continue to keep the "fire", pioneering in administrative reform.

Nguyen Xuan Ky, Secretary of the Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee

Immediately after being established, Quang Ninh Investor Care urgently coordinated with departments, agencies, sectors and localities to review and gather projects with extra-budgetary capital to support investment. Of which, 39/101 projects with a total investment of more than 121,600 billion VND were selected as a priority to support early at the start of this year.

Projects with extra-budgetary investment capital which Quang Ninh Investor Care reviews, gathers, updates information and urges the implementation of supporting activities, in the field of industrial production, manufacturing and processing industries are 4 projects. However, these 4 projects have the highest total investment with nearly 53,000 billion VND (accounting for 43.4% of the total registered investment).

In addition, the service and tourism sector has 9 projects with a total investment of more than 36,300 billion VND (accounting for 29.9%); the urban and housing sector has 15 projects with a total investment of more than 18,200 billion VND (accounting for 15.1%); the commercial business sector has 6 projects with a total investment of more than 12,400 billion VND (accounting for 10.28%); the agricultural sector has 3 projects with a total investment of nearly 900 billion VND (accounting for 0.74%); the transport sector has 1 project with a total investment of more than 610 billion VND (accounting for 0.51%); the education sector has 1 project with a total investment of 241 billion VND (accounting for 0.2%).

In just over 2 months after its establishment, Quang Ninh Investor Care has received the active participation of departments, agencies, sectors and localities. Up to now, there have been 12 transformation projects (accounting for 31.58%). Through surveying, contact, listening and removing difficulties, it is expected that by the end of this year, 10 more projects with selected investors will be considered and put into operation (excluding 4 key projects that Provincial People's Committee is focusing on to start construction in October 2021).

Organizing meetings and coordinating between the government and businesses

Sharing about the operating model, IPA Standing Deputy Head, said that Quang Ninh Investor Care's operating model is like an agency in the middle with the task of coordinating the government and businesses.

In order to promptly grasp the difficulties and problems faced by enterprises in their production and business activities over the past time, especially in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, Investor Care coordinated with the Business Association to organize meetings and business contacts in many localities in the province.

At the meetings, IPA - Standing agency of Supporting Group for investment projects using extra-budgetary capital in Quang Ninh province - Quang Ninh Investor Care, in collaboration with Quang Ninh Business Association, the local business associations of Ha Long city, Mong Cai city, Uong Bi city, Dong Trieu town, Quang Yen town, Van Don district propagate new points of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), Department and District Competitiveness Index (DCCI) this year.

The green Ha Long project worth nearly VND 250,000 billion was supported by Quang Ninh Investor Care in investment promotion and started construction right in October. Photo: Quoc Nam.

Meanwhile, the Investor Care standing agency continues to listen to the difficulties and recommendations of local businesses; assess the situation of accessing mechanisms, policies and solutions to support businesses of Quang Ninh province and the locality, as well as solutions to support businesses to overcome the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Quang Ninh Investor Care is actively implementing communication and propaganda work to the business community having investment projects in the province and potential investors through modern methods. In particular, creating a QR code that leads directly to the official Zalo account of the working group is a solution, allowing Quang Ninh Investor Care to connect with members and the business community, enhance the purpose of introduction, operational tasks of the organization and attached with the DDCI survey to 6,500 businesses in the province.

“Quang Ninh Investor Care is being evaluated and considered by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to include a new model in the report of the National PCI Project with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) about initiatives to promote the positive effect of improving the investment environment and enhancing PCI competitiveness", shared Ms. Chi.

With the message of "following the footsteps of investors", as a companion to the business, in the coming time, Investor Care Quang Ninh will continue to be closely involved in meeting and contacting businesses in a practical and effective manner. The working group is a bridge to receive opinions of enterprises, make suggestions and recommendations to competent authorities, and quickly resolve them.