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Local resorts attract tourists


A variety of resorts in Quang Ninh have been an attraction to tourists, especially those that long for wellness and relaxation.

Yen Tu Legacy-MGallery has emerged as the first five-star hotel in the Yen Tu Mountain region.

Yen Tu Legacy-MGallery has emerged as the first five-star hotel in the Yen Tu Mountain region - a sacred Zen Buddhist site - and the crown jewel of Yen Tu Village.

Staying at Yen Tu Legacy, those in pursuit of inner calm would derive from great satisfaction by enjoying the extraordinary beauty of the natural forest and serene landscape, especially at sunrise and sunset, and listening to the sound of nature such as leaves rustling in the wind or water flowing down a stream.

After Covid-19, a variety of amusing activities have been introduced in this resort, namely cycling, swimming, horseback riding, making Dong Ho paintings, practicing meditation, and yoga, enjoying village festival night, etc.

Quang Ninh has recently paid much attention to the development of wellness tourism. A series of resorts attracting domestic and foreign tourists include the natural spa resort of Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh in Cam Pha city, Vinpearl Resort Ha Long, FLC resort and golf course, etc.

Also, many hotels and cruise ships also provide visitors with health care services such as on-board fitness and wellness, medical bathing. materials, herbal massage, foot massage...

Quang Ninh targets to develop some areas focusing on health care products such a health care resort in Ha Long city’s Dong Son - Ky Thuong safari, luxury resorts close to nature on islands in Bai Tu Long Bay, Co To island, etc.

Some mountainous districts of Binh Lieu, Ba Che, Tien Yen are going to develop health care services featuring local cultural identities such as leaf bathing and herbal therapy.