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Maintaining the production rhythm of thermal power plants


With the role of ensuring electricity supply for the Northern region and maintaining the economic growth momentum of the province, thermal power plants in the area have implemented many appropriate and effective solutions to stably operate the power plants. machine, maintaining the rhythm of production in the first months of the year.

 The delegation of Power Generation Corporation 1 checked the actual production situation at the Thermomechanical Repair Workshop of Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant.

According to statistics, the total capacity of Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant is 1,080MW, including 2 units, 540MW each. According to the plan, in 2022, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company is assigned a production target of nearly 7 billion kWh by Power Generation Corporation 3. Following the actual situation of the power system, the factory was flexible in changing the electricity price offers in the market with the goal of optimizing economic efficiency while ensuring maximum power output as planned. assigned. By the end of June, the plant's total electricity production was nearly 3.6 million kWh (reaching 52% of the year's plan output, up 10.24% over the same period in 2021). In the last months of the year, Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant aims to exceed the assigned plan, so on average, the plant will produce 710-800 million kWh per month.

At Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant, over the past months, nearly 400 engineers and electrical workers have been mobilized according to the working regime of 3 shifts and 4 crews, "sticking to the furnace, sticking to the machine" continuously 24/24h. By the end of June, the plant produced nearly 2 million kWh (reaching nearly 50% of the year plan and reaching 106% over the same period in 2021). The lack of output compared to the plan is because in the first months of the year, the plant had 8 incidents leading to a shortage of over 200 million kWh.

Mr. Do Trung Kien, acting director of Uong Bi Thermal Power Company, said: In order to optimize the operation of the power units and minimize incidents, the Company is currently focusing on strictly implementing the periodic maintenance and repair plan. frequent; continuously update the list of defective units to prepare enough replacement materials; Coordinating with TKV's coal suppliers to ensure the quantity and quality of coal delivered and delivered under the contract, maintaining the coal inventory in 3 factory warehouses about 70,000 tons to stabilize production. Along with that, enhancing coal quality management through analytical sampling and management to reduce physical coal loss...

By the end of July, the construction work of Uong Bi Thermal Power Company in 2022 is being urgently implemented. Including: Investment project, procurement and installation of railway coal weighing station; Project on upgrading equipment system of 110/220kV substation; The project to upgrade the automatic monitoring system of wastewater and emissions of Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant... In the coming time, when the three major projects mentioned above are completed, equipment operation and environmental protection will be required. The Company's market will certainly have many breakthroughs.