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Many solutions to ensure budget revenue


In the context of being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the city has closely followed the situation, has many appropriate solutions, and strives to perform the task of collecting state budget.


Since the beginning of the year until now, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic and China's border trade policy, production and business activities of many enterprises have faced difficulties, especially import-export, tourism, and service enterprises. service. Some policies to support businesses and people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic also partly affect the city's 2022 state budget revenue.

Facing difficult challenges, the city has actively analyzed and forecasted advantages and disadvantages in state budget collection, and developed solutions from the beginning of the year. In which, focus on reviewing tax, fee, land rental and other revenue sources as prescribed by law; the task of tax collection, toll collection, increase in revenue and prevention of state budget revenue loss of branches, communes and wards associated with management functions and competence... In particular, the city has made good use of the opportunity, continued to focus implementing socio-economic development tasks, improving the efficiency of budget revenue and expenditure and public investment, removing difficulties for businesses, especially goods import and export enterprises. The city has safely and successfully organized 25 events and activities to stimulate tourism in the area, contributing to promoting the development of service activities...

In the first 6 months of this year, the city's total state budget revenue reached VND 1,667,256 billion, up 25% over the same period last year. In which, revenue from the Customs sector was 564.893 billion dong, up 23.3% of securities; domestic revenue is 646.168 billion dong, up 26.6% of shares. Seven of the nine items collected by the city reached the estimate compared with the progress of the collection: Revenue from local SOEs reached 100.9% of the estimate (DT); revenue from non-state sectors reached 60.8% of revenue; personal income tax reached 77.1% of revenue; registration fee reached 52% of revenue; non-agricultural land use tax of VND 845 million, reaching 845% of the province's revenue, 155% of the city's revenue; land rent reached 58.3% of revenue; Other revenues reached 88.9% of the province's revenue, 93.8% of the city's revenue. 2 revenues that have not yet reached the collection schedule are: Land use levy (accounting for 61.5% of the total domestic revenue allocated by the province) reaching 43.1% of the province's revenue, 38.9% of the city's revenue; collection of fees and charges reached 21.9% of revenue (central fees reached 0.9% of revenue, border gate infrastructure fees reached 24.9% of revenue).