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Mastern Investment Management (Korea) wants to learn about logistics investment in Quang Ninh


Working with the Provincial Investment Promotion and Support Committee (IPA) on January 9 in Hanoi, a representative of Mastern Investment Management Company (Korea) expressed his desire to learn about investment in the logistics field in Quang Ninh province. Ning.

Mastern Investment Management is an asset management company established in 2009 headquartered in Gangnam Province, South Korea. The company is primarily focused on real estate investments, and manages a wide range of assets, including offices, warehouses, homes and mixed-use properties both locally and globally. As of the end of January 2022, Mastern Investment Management managed more than $24 billion in accumulated assets.


IPA Board introduces investment opportunities in Quang Ninh to Korean investors.

Talking to the company representative, the leader of IPA Quang Ninh introduced the investment environment, the province's preferential policies and mechanisms for the type of project that investors are interested in, especially logistics and warehousing. – is an area where Quang Ninh province has potential strengths and is especially encouraging investment.

At the same time, the leader of the IPA Board also suggested that businesses pay attention to and study project proposals in economic zones and industrial zones with the highest current incentive mechanisms and policies.

Also on January 9, IPA leaders attended a meeting between the Vietnam Confederation of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and a delegation of 60 Hong Kong businesses (China). At this meeting, the representative of IPA Quang Ninh contacted, directly exchanged and discussed in detail the needs of enterprises such as Sunwah Group, TAL Group, S.A.I Group. Leisure, Professional Property Services Limited...


Representative of the IPA Board introduced investment opportunities in Quang Ninh to Hong Kong businesses.