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Media Cooperation Quang Ninh (Vietnam) - Guangxi (China): Contributing to enhancing understanding and tightening friendship


As the leading media agency of Quang Ninh, the Provincial Media Center has cooperated with media agencies of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (China), which has a border with China. Quang Ninh Province. Thereby, contributing to promoting the image, land, people, local tourism and cultural exchange between the two sides.

The friendly cooperation relationship between the Provincial Media Center (formerly Quang Ninh Radio and Television Station and Quang Ninh Newspaper) and the agencies of Guangxi Radio and Television Station and Guangxi Daily Media Corporation has existed for many years. years and is constantly cultivated by all parties. Since 2006, Quang Ninh Radio and Television Station has connected and exchanged with Guangxi Radio and Television Station, the two sides organized cooperation activities in producing radio programs and jointly publishing Hoa Sen Special. Thereby making an important contribution to the promotion of the country, its people, cultural values, scenic spots, potentials, strengths, policies to attract investment in economic development, trade and tourism. Quang Ninh and Guangxi in particular, between Vietnam and China in general.

The relationship between Quang Ninh Newspaper and Guangxi Daily News Group has been established since 2007. The two sides officially signed a cooperation program from 2010. In April 2011, the two sides officially implemented the agreement. propaganda and news exchange. The exchange of delegations and bilateral professional exchanges has been carried out relatively regularly, thereby promptly assessing cooperation results and strengthening the friendship and cooperation of the two sides.

Since then, the good relationship of the Quang Ninh Provincial Media Center with the media agencies of Guangxi has been continuously connected and promoted through working programs, production coordination, exchange information exchange. In particular, in the three years of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, both sides have made great efforts to find ways to improve cooperation efficiency and promote information and communication. Cooperation contents such as publication of Hoa Sen special edition, exchange of programs are still carried out in accordance with the agreement.

In addition, opening more sections on Quang Ninh electronic newspaper, such as Vietnam - China exchange and cooperation, reading Special issue of Lotus flower electronic version, has helped the public have the opportunity to access information in a proactive manner. more dynamic and convenient. Therefore, despite the complicated period of the Covid-19 epidemic, news exchanged on media platforms has increased sharply, especially on the internet platform with about 1,000 news articles and articles.

According to the statistics of the Provincial Media Center, in the 9 months of 2022, the Center coordinated propaganda with the media agencies of Guangxi. Accordingly, the two sides agreed to jointly produce 4 programs (1 hour/program, total duration of 4 hours/day), broadcast on QNR2 channel of Quang Ninh Media Center. Programs include: I love travel, Food and you, Take you to four directions, Culture - entertainment. Along with that, continue to produce the general radio program "Vietnam - China cultural rendezvous", reflecting on the foreign activities of Quang Ninh province.

The Center organized the editing and broadcast on QTV1 channel the documentary film "Glorious Footprints" produced by Guangxi Radio and Television Station on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and China. The film tells about the years of revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh in Guangxi.

The Center maintains information exchange with Guangxi Daily Media Group every 2 weeks on printed newspapers, online newspapers and provincial portals. Propaganda content on the situation of economic development cooperation, policies to attract investment, develop tourism, trade, industry... of Quang Ninh and Guangxi.

In addition to direct cooperation with Guangxi media agencies, the Provincial Media Center continues to maintain Chinese-language newscasts on television, the website and the provincial portal. , Chinese fanpage on Weibo. The information posted on these infrastructures mainly promotes tourism, culture, local products and policies calling for investment of Quang Ninh province to international friends. It is expected that in November 2022, the Center in collaboration with Guangxi Radio and Television Station will organize a webinar to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the publication of Hoa Sen special magazine; December 2022 to organize the Vietnam - China Friendship Singing Contest 2022 in both live and online form.

Through exchange and cooperation, cooperation is not only about exchanging information or promoting the potential, strengths and images of each party, but also enhancing understanding about the people and culture of each locality. , every countries. Since then, the belief and pride in the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation has strengthened and spread...