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Mong Cai: Highlights of administrative reform


To ensure the economic growth target of 2022, the city continues to promote administrative reform in association with digital transformation, fostering the contingent of cadres and civil servants.

The city's PAR work is undergoing a remarkable change thanks to the effectiveness of digital transformation and increasing application of information technology. Some of the innovations that can be mentioned are: Administrative procedures are carried out in the electronic environment; The system of official email and digital signatures is deployed at 100% of agencies and units, with more than 300 official mailboxes issued, 46 digital signatures of agencies, 152 personal digital signatures of leaders. and accountants are established.

The electronic document management database system has helped the staff of public servants to reduce paper printing and travel, and process documents immediately on personal computers. The City Public Administration Center currently provides a variety of support services, such as: legal advice, declaration, design, photocopying, postage, electronic receipts, result digitization... Thereby help citizens when handling documents and procedures without having to go to many places or travel many times.

In the first 6 months of the year, the city handled 94.59% of administrative procedures on time and correctly; nearly 71% of the total number of dossiers made through online public services at levels 3 and 4; 100% of administrative procedures are carried out at the Public Administration Center according to the principle of "5 on the spot" (receiving, appraising, approving, stamping, returning results on the spot). The level of satisfaction assessment of people and businesses when coming to work at the City Public Administration Center, the modern reception and return department at the commune level remained quite high.

The results achieved in the PAR work make an important contribution to improving the business investment environment, attracting investment, thereby creating a breakthrough in economic growth and budget revenue of the city.