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Mong Cai planted 10 hectares of new large timber forest supported by Amata Group with seedlings


On the morning of June 22, in Hai Son commune, Mong Cai city, a large tree planting campaign was organized by Amata Group to support seedlings. This is a meaningful activity in response to the Program of planting 1 billion trees launched by the Prime Minister, the plan of the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province on implementing the development of large timber plantations, indigenous trees, all kinds of ironwood, gill, etc. slice in the province.

Ms. Somhatai Panichewa, CEO of Amata Vietnam, together with the people of Po Hen village, Hai Son commune, Mong Cai city, planted large timber forests.

11,000 saplings and seedlings have been supported by Amata Group for Mong Cai City to plant 10 hectares of large timber forest in Po Hen village, Hai Son commune. From the source of socialization to support seedlings of Amata Group, it has contributed to helping Mong Cai city complete the plan of planting 60ha of large timber forests assigned by the Provincial People's Committee in 2022.

From the beginning of 2022 up to now, Mong Cai city has planted 391.5ha of forest, reaching 78.3% of the plan, of which the large timber plantation area is 47.1ha, reaching 72.3% of the plan. The entire source of tree varieties for planting timber forests is mostly propagated and supported by Mong Cai city, mobilizing people and organizations and businesses. Mong Cai is also one of the localities that have achieved good progress in planting large timber forests today in the province.

Amata Group supports Mong Cai City with 11,000 seedlings and slices to plant large timber forests in 2022.

Currently, the land area planned by Mong Cai city for forestry is over 28,674 hectares, accounting for 55.19% of the total natural land area of the locality. The sustainable forest development of the city has important implications for socio-economic development, especially security and defense, concretizing the viewpoint and development orientation of Quang Ninh as economic development. - a fast and sustainable society, strongly renewing the growth model, restructuring the economy, changing the development mode from "brown" to "green" towards sustainability based on 3 pillars of nature , people, culture.