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Projects that have been started include: Ao Tien - Cat Linh Van Don luxury hotel and apartment complex; Crystal Holidays Harbor Van Don tourism, resort and entertainment complex; Wyndham Garden Sonasea Van Don hotel and resort villa belongs to the project of Sonasea Van Don Harbor City tourism and resort complex and Van Don industrial cluster.

Crystal Holidays Harbor Van Don tourism, resort and entertainment complex project is invested by Everland Van Don Joint Stock Company, deployed on an area of ​​2.6ha in the tourist urban area and high-class port of Ao Tien , the project has a scale of 5 buildings with a height of 28 to 33 floors, with the goal of being a hotel, an apartment building and a 4-storey mixed-use building, arranging amusement parks, entertainment, organizations. events, conferences, seminars, tourism and commercial services... with a total investment capital of more than 3,600 billion VND. It is expected that the project will be completed and put into use before December 2025 with about 2,274 hotel rooms, serving about 5,000 guests/day.

Ao Tien - Cat Linh Van Don luxury hotel and apartment complex project, invested by Mai Quyen Tourism Company Limited and Cat Linh Van Don Joint Stock Company, has an area of ​​2.3ha in the area. Ao Tien high-class tourist town and port. The project has a scale of 5 tower blocks with a height of 26 to 34 floors, including 2 hotel blocks and 3 apartment blocks, with a total investment of nearly 4,000 billion VND. According to the plan, the project is expected to be completed and put into operation in the first quarter of 2024. When completed, there will be about 334 hotel rooms, serving up to 800 guests/day and night and 1,546 apartments, equivalent to the number of guests staying about 3,300 people.

The Wyndham Garden Hotel and Resort Villas Sonasea Van Don belongs to the Sonasea Van Don Harbor City Resort and Tourism Complex project, led by Van Don Tourism Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (CEO Group). investment, with a total capital of about 1,000 billion VND. The project includes a hotel block, 14-storey high-rise apartments, 5-star standard, with a scale of 200 rooms, serving up to nearly 400 guests/day and night and Villa area with 182 high-class single-storey apartments.

It is expected that in October 2023, Wyndham garden Sonasea Van Don hotel and resort villa will be completed and put into operation, providing 5-star hotel products and services, resort apartments, Villas ensure synchronization, in accordance with the planning, creating an attractive environment for domestic and international guests who have needs for tourism, business, work, accommodation and investment.

Van Don industrial cluster project has an area of ​​​​more than 52 hectares, invested by Phu Thinh Van Don Joint Stock Company as an investor to build technical infrastructure, with a total investment of more than 489 billion VND. The industrial cluster will focus on developing the industries of food and beverage production and processing; wood processing and production of wood products; manufacture of drugs, pharmaceutical chemicals and herbal ingredients; industry processing, manufacturing, repairing, maintaining and installing machinery and equipment; attracting production and processing establishments of agricultural and aquatic products to work...

With many advantages and potential for economic development, tourism, especially the marine economy, in recent years, Van Don Economic Zone has always been sought by many investors with financial potential to research and survey. Investment Opportunities. And with the fact that on April 30, there were 4 projects started by investors at the same time with a total capital of 10,000 billion VND (about 430 million USD), showing the attractiveness and profitability of the company. investment projects in Van Don Economic Zone.

According to the leader of the Provincial People's Committee, the projects that have just been started are the driving force and key projects of Van Don Economic Zone in the fields of commerce, services, tourism, and technical infrastructure. , put into use will create new, attractive, high-class tourism products, attracting thousands of workers to work. These projects, which are started, will contribute to gradually building Van Don Economic Zone into a multi-sector and multi-field marine economic zone; is the gateway for international trade, creating unique, different and modern products with high quality, brand name and international competitiveness; is a green, modern and smart island city according to the approved general plan. At the same time, it is one of the breakthroughs in the development of the province in the coming time...