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Need to be "strong hand" with slow-moving projects


Many voters in Ha Long, Mong Cai, Van Don, Quang Yen, and Uong Bi proposed a number of delayed projects in the area that have been making a significant impact on people's lives and activities, as well as environment, security in residential areas. Therefore, it is suggested that the province direct functional sectors, investors, and construction contractors to soon overcome and be more drastic with projects that are long behind schedule, in order to effectively promote land resources. of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Xuan Ky inspects the construction progress of the road connecting Ha Long - Hai Phong highway to provincial road 338 (phase 1).

Voters of Quang Yen have petitioned, currently in the town, there are 2 projects, namely Lien Minh lagoon residential area and Quang Yen ward's sports and residential center, implemented since 2005, but up to now, the projects have been completed. The project has not completed the remaining items to hand over to the town for management and to issue land use right certificates to households. Therefore, voters recommended the Provincial People's Committee to direct the People's Committee of Quang Yen Town and relevant departments and agencies to have solutions to completely solve the above situation, so that people can soon stabilize their lives.

Similarly, voters of Hung Thang ward (Ha Long city) also proposed the province to consider and withdraw the Ha Long International Hospital project, because although it has been approved for a long time, it is expected to be completed and put into operation. used in 2018, but so far, the investor has only implemented a few items and then abandoned it, causing waste of land. In addition, many embankment sections of the project area have been seriously eroded, in the rainy season there is a potential risk of soil and rocks drifting to the adjacent houses below, belonging to group 3, zone 1, Hung Thang ward. , the risk of affecting the lives of people adjacent to the project. project of Ha Long International Hospital was delayed, protracted, and abandoned, wasting land.

And in Uong Bi city, voters of Nam Khe ward also proposed the Provincial People's Committee to reconsider the land use of Song Da 2 Company, which is causing waste of land and loss of urban beauty. Located right next to National Highway 18, in a prime location in the city, the land that Song Da 2 Company leases has an area of about 2,000m2, which is abandoned, unattended, overgrown with trees. environmental sanitation, affecting many households adjacent to the project.

The status of suspended planning, suspended projects, and delayed projects as above still exists in many localities, leading to unpredictable consequences, both wasting land resources, and affecting life and livelihoods. operation, security, environment around the project area. Therefore, the province and functional sectors need to take a more drastic action in reviewing and handling projects that are behind schedule, violate the law, and are no longer in line with the province's new development orientation, in order to use economical, efficient and sustainable use of land resources, prevention of corruption, negativity, "group interests", loss of budget and public property.