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New opportunities for Quang Ninh seaport


After many years of absence of container products, in September, the two oldest and largest international container shipping lines in the world, Maersk and SITC, arrived at Cai Lan International Container Port (Cai Lan). This is a positive signal after Covid-19 epidemic, international supply activities are resumed and Quang Ninh is an appropriate choice when the infrastructure is connected smoothly.

According to the representative of Maersk shipping lines in Vietnam, in the Northern port system, Cai Lan Cai Lan is a deep -water port, one of the ports with modern, synchronized and the best conditions today. The port is connected synchronously to areas by new highways, owning many industrial zones with the need to import goods, high -rise equipment ... These are great plus points for shipping lines to choose and deploy goods as goods. Container.

According to the fixed schedule, Maersk shipping lines will carry out 1 trip/week in the schedule of connecting China - Vietnam, starting from Hong Kong on the journey of Hong Kong - Cai Lan (Quang Ninh) - Tan Vu (Hai Phong) - Yantian - Nighbo - Shanghai - Hong Kong. Similar to SITC shipping lines will move Cat Lai journey (Ho Chi Minh) - Jakarta (Indonesia) - Bintulu (Malaysia) - Xiamen (China) - Incheon (South Korea) and Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai ports (China. ) Then will go to CICT Cai Lan (Quang Ninh). Transported goods are mainly dry goods, equipment, import and export technology and raw materials for factories, industrial parks ... Up to now, both shipping lines Maersk and SITC have carried out transportation 12 The shipment with a total of more than 7,000 TEU.

CICT Cai Lan is currently managing and exploiting wharves 2, 3 and 4 of Cai Lan port. The port is located in a closed bay, the flow into the port is less charged, the water level is deep in front of -13m, equipped with modern 4 Panamax STS cranes with 17 containers; ERTG crane, 7 container width; Forklift frames, container trucks in the yard, detachable crane system and synchronous logistics services. In 2021, according to the evaluation of the performance of 351 container ports globally by the World Bank (WB) and IHS Markit, Cai Lan is one of the three ports of Vietnam in the top 50. CICT ranked higher than Hai Phong ports and the edges of Vietnam.

In order to proactively catch new opportunities, exploit container products, Cai Lan has strengthened the brand promotion, standardized the process of exploiting goods, applying many technological solutions, applying software software software. CICT Portal electronic connects to the national one -stop system to deploy the maritime administrative procedures. Besides, closely coordinate with specialized state management units to sign electronic licenses for boats to update or leave the port ...

In order for the seaport to become the main economic sector, develop in the right direction in the spirit of Resolution No. 15-NQ/TU of the Provincial Party Executive Committee on the development of seaports and port services in the province to 2025, Dinh Towards 2030, in the current period, it is necessary to have strong enough policy mechanisms, sustainable development orientation synchronously in seaport system, logistics logistics, multi -type service business according to the standard chain. international; Continuing to implement solutions to promote brands, position the brand of Quang Ninh seaport system to large shipping lines, enterprises providing seaport service in the world. Thereby, it will contribute to making Quang Ninh one of the marine economic centers, the gateway of Southeast Asia, the development driving force of the region and the whole country.