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From 7:00 p.m. on May 19, 2022, at the center stage of November 12 Square, Cam Tay ward, Cam Pha city, the opening of the pedestrian street "Miner night street" with the theme "Bai Tu Long hello summer" was held. - Cam Pha converges the mining culture, spreading the love of the people in the coal region.

Street parade program from Cam Pha Workers Theater to 12/11 Square with the participation of 24 marching groups and about 500 actors of Quang Ninh Art Troupe and mass actors of folk dance clubs. … by Cam Pha. Artists and public actors will bring exciting dance performances, creating a joyful atmosphere on the street on the opening day.

In addition to enjoying street dance shows and music, visitors can also experience food and shopping in the pedestrian street.

 In addition to cultural activities at night, the pedestrian street is also a daily entertainment place for many Cam Pha people.

The program aims to celebrate the 132nd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh on May 19 (1890 - 2022) and welcome delegations of athletes and coaches from countries in Southeast Asia to participate in football. Women's SEA Games 31 in Cam Pha City.

With local characteristics, the pedestrian street put into operation will create an attractive community cultural space every Saturday night, meeting the commercial, entertainment and entertainment needs of the local community. residents and visitors. Thereby, Cam Pha city effectively implements the plan to open and restore tourism in 2022; introduce about potential strengths and people's land of Cam Pha, where "Convergence of miner culture, spread love of coal people"; contributing to affirm that Cam Pha is a safe and attractive destination for tourists.