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 View of the conference at Quang Ninh bridge point.

Resolution 02/NQ-CP sets the target of a rapid increase in the number of newly established enterprises; reduce the rate of enterprises being dissolved or ceased to operate; reduce input costs, informal costs for businesses and people; step up the removal of difficulties and obstacles caused by the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; promptly support people and businesses to restore production and business, flexibly and effectively adapt to the epidemic.

Accordingly, the Resolution selects goals, contents, solutions and tasks based on three principles: Reform thinking according to international standards; determine specific criteria based on prestigious rankings in the world; Assign mandatory tasks with specific deadlines and establish discipline in their implementation. The resolution is designed as a whole with goals, tasks and solutions for the 5-year period and selects a number of key reform issues and contents for 2022.

At the conference, representatives of ministries, branches, localities and businesses also exchanged results and shared experiences in reforming and improving the business environment over the past time; discuss how to implement Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP and propose related solutions.

 Representative of Quang Ninh Investment Promotion and Support Board spoke at the conference.

In order to successfully implement the goals set out in Resolution 02/NQ-CP, the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province quickly issued Plan No. 19/KH-UBND on January 19, 2022. The province's goal is to continue to maintain the leading position in the country in PCI and DDCI by 2022; At the same time, he proposed 7 groups of tasks and key solutions, closely following the instructions of the Central Government and the province, and assigned specific responsibilities to each department, branch and locality for implementation.

In which, focus on the basic contents, including: Continuing drastic, substantive and effective reform of administrative procedures, creating an open, favorable and transparent business and investment environment; fully, consistently and effectively implement PAR tasks and solutions, improve business investment environment, and enhance provincial competitiveness; focus on directing the formulation and implementation of medium and long-term strategies and plans with clear goals and specific roadmaps to create solid changes to fundamental targets...