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Orientation for effective and sustainable production development



In the first half of 2023, in the context of many difficulties and challenges, Quang Ninh continues to achieve high economic growth, ranking 2nd in the Red River Delta and 4th in the country. Orientation for effective and sustainable production development is one of the important factors contributing to the positive signal.

Breakthrough in the processing and manufacturing industry

After 2 years of implementing Resolution No. 01-NQ/TU (November 16, 2020) of the Provincial Party Executive Committee on rapid and sustainable development of the processing and manufacturing industry in the period 2020-2025, defining Looking forward to 2030, the proportion of this industry in the GRDP structure of the whole province is increasing.

The average growth rate of the processing and manufacturing industry reaches nearly 19%/year, 2% higher than the average rate set by Resolution 01. Total investment capital is over 32,976 billion VND. The total number of employees increased to about 9,200 people. Projects in the field of processing and manufacturing industries have been actively invested in by investors to build technical and production infrastructure, typically Vietnam Knitting Fashion Co., Ltd. produces textile fabrics. Kim, Tonly Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. has a new product, a smart bracelet...

 Production area at Weitai Ha Long Textile and Garment Company Limited (Viet Hung Industrial Park).

Enterprises in the processing and manufacturing industry in Quang Ninh have generally adjusted production methods and improved growth models to adapt to the "new normal state" after the Covid epidemic. -19. The production and consumption supply chain of products is also diversified to better suit consumer demand trends. Thanks to that, in the first eight months of 2023, the output of a number of processing and manufacturing industrial products in the province increased compared to the same period last year, such as suits, uniform clothes, Vinyl Tines floor panels, and Silicon panels. ..

Currently, in the province there are 2 large-scale projects with investment capital of 100 million USD: Antoliv Vietnam Co., Ltd. project to produce safety products for cars; Boltun lock, latch and stamping production project of Taiwanese investor. Recently, Quang Ninh continued to receive good news when Foxconn invested in 2 projects in Song Khoai Industrial Park, with a total investment of nearly 250 million USD. Including: Foxconn FMMV Factory Project is expected to come into operation from October 2024, in the field of manufacturing and processing components for information technology products and communication products; The FECV Foxconn Factory project is expected to be completed in January 2025, in the field of assembling electronic components, electric chargers, electric charge controllers...

It can be said that Resolution No. 01-NQ/TU has become a guideline for promoting the development of processing and manufacturing industries in particular and industry in general.


Create a solid foundation

Coal is one of the key products contributing significant value to the economic growth of the province and the country. Coal production, business and consumption activities face difficulties, such as: Fuel prices and input materials are increasing, mining fields are narrowed and deep... From the beginning of 2023 until now, the Provincial Party Committee has paid attention to leading and directing the Provincial People's Committee, relevant departments, branches, branches and localities to focus on supporting and removing difficulties, associated with the implementation of Resolution 16-NQ/TU (May 9, 2019). ) of the Provincial Party Executive Committee on strengthening the Party's leadership over the management of coal and mineral resources in the province.

Most recently, after the 14th Meeting of the Provincial People's Council, on July 13, 2023, the Party Committee of the Provincial People's Committee issued Report No. 477/BC-BCSĐ proposing to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee solutions to overcome some difficulties. difficulties and problems for the coal industry. In this report, the province has focused on addressing 4 issues, including agreement with the policy on waste rock after screening and high ash rock bran (products after screening from centralized coal screening and screening plants). outside the mine) are sold to units in need for use and consumption inside and outside the province according to the provisions of law to promote circular economy. Along with that, departments, branches and localities actively coordinate to remove obstacles related to planning, mining licenses, exploration, and increasing mining capacity of mines...