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Over the years, Quang Ninh has always paid attention to and focused on administrative reform in order to facilitate investment attraction in the area. In particular, in order to improve the quality of governance and public administration, the reform of administrative procedures has been drastically implemented by the province with many creative ways, bringing remarkable results.


People do administrative procedures at the HCC Center in Dam Ha district.

One of the ways to bring about a breakthrough in PAR, the province has effectively applied the "5 on-the-spot" model at the Public Administration Center (HCC) at all levels, that is, receiving, appraising, approving, stamp on the spot and return the result. Since then, it has contributed to shortening from 40% to 60% of the time to process administrative procedures compared to regulations, reducing travel costs for people and businesses. This way reduces direct contact, prevents harassment, trouble, negativity, creates transparency, increases development motivation. The receipt of dossiers and return of administrative procedures results in accordance with the process and regulations. The modern HCC centers, the Department of receiving and returning results (TN&Q) at the commune level have publicly posted administrative procedures, fees, and fee lists in various forms...

However, besides the positive results, the reception and settlement of administrative procedures at some modern HCC centers and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Management at the commune level still have some limitations that need to be overcome soon. This has been further clarified through regular, unannounced and unannounced monitoring at HCC centers at all levels, and the Modern Natural Resources & Economic Development Department at the commune level of the Provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Committee in the month of May. 3, in the following localities: Dong Trieu, Uong Bi, Dam Ha and Hai Ha.

The first shortcoming is that the arrangement of staff in charge and working at the Center for HCC and the modern Natural Resources and Conservation Department at the commune level in these localities has not yet been ensured according to the requirements of Directive No. 09/CT-UBND (dated 11/02). December 2018) of the Provincial People's Committee on improving the quality of administrative complaint settlement. At the time of supervision, 4 localities also have the field of arranging civil servants who are experts to be on duty and handle administrative procedures. While, according to Directive No. 09/CT-UBND, staff working at HCC must have working experience and have good communication skills; holding the position of deputy head of the department or equivalent or higher, having full competence to handle administrative procedures in different fields of agencies or units right at the Center.

The assignment of the Chairman of the Commune People's Committee to direct and be in charge of the modern natural resources and conservation department at the commune level has not been implemented in accordance with regulations when Duc Yen commune (Dam Ha district), Hong Thai Dong commune (Dong Trieu town), Quang Ha (Hai Ha district) also assigned the Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee to be in charge.

It is worth mentioning that while the province is promoting the provision of online public services to effectively promote the e-government model in the province, there are still a number of cadres and civil servants working in the modern Natural Resources and Savings Department. Commune level does not have a deep understanding of online public services at levels 3 and 4 to guide people to implement; The staff's ability to use information technology is still limited in connecting and sharing data and information to solve administrative procedures and they are not sure about the process to solve administrative problems for the people. This makes the provision and settlement of administrative procedures through public services at level 3 and 4 of localities still low, not meeting the requirements of the Provincial People's Committee on implementing comprehensive digital transformation.

Typically, in Dam Ha district, the rate of resolution at district administrative procedures is 35.8%, the Department of Natural Resources and Economic Affairs of Dam Ha town has only reached 11% and in Duc Yen commune, it has only reached 16.3%. At the HCC Center in Dong Trieu Town, it also reached 44.5%. Particularly in Uong Bi city and Hai Ha district, the rate of using online public services at level 3 and 4 is over 90%, but according to the Monitoring Team, this rate does not reflect the reality when there is still the status of public officials. do the work for the people or after they have directly solved the problem for the people, the officials will put the procedures up for settlement in the online environment to ensure the assigned quota; The collection of opinions to assess people's satisfaction through sample forms at the Modern Natural Resources and Savings Department in some wards is still heavy on formality...

Late appointment and overdue in handling administrative procedures for people and businesses is also a big shortcoming of localities in recent years. Up to the time of monitoring, there are still nearly 450 overdue documents at each stage related to the land sector. In which, Dong Trieu Town HCC Center has the largest number of overdue dossiers, up to 330 dossiers; Dam Ha District HCC Center has 106 records. This has affected the interests, caused troubles for the people and reduced the people's satisfaction with the services of the state administrative agencies.

Faced with the above shortcomings, the Supervisory Delegation also made recommendations and proposed that localities should continue to pay attention to leadership and direction for the activities of the HCC Center as well as the Modern Natural Resources & Conservation Department at the commune level. . The localities must strengthen the application of information technology in solving problems; have solutions to propagate and support more actively and substantively for people in using online public services at levels 3 and 4. As for dealing with overdue dossiers,To bring the most satisfaction to people and businesses, especially increase and maintain development indicators in the field of PAR for the province, in addition to the seriousness in performing the duties of each cadre, civil servant and employee At the same time, localities need to strengthen administrative discipline, supervise and urge cadres, review difficult documents to find solutions, avoid backlog and delay for people and businesses. .