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According to the plan, projects of residential areas and urban areas must fully meet the criteria of technical infrastructure such as electricity, lighting, roads, trees, etc. However, in Bai Muoi urban area (ward) Cao Thang, Ha Long City) invested by Construction Construction Joint Stock Company 507, there are still some unfinished connection sections to the project, especially the road in Lot B7, causing dust and difficulties in construction. travel for people. The above shortcomings are proposed by voters of Ha Long City and hope to be overcome soon.


The connection to the Bai Muoi Urban Area project in Lot B7 is always in a messy, messy state, becoming a place to steal construction materials.

Recently, the connection to the project of Bai Muoi Urban Area in Lot B7 has always been in a messy, sloppy state, becoming a place to steal construction materials, making it difficult for people to travel around the area. project area. According to the leader of Construction Construction Joint Stock Company 507 - Quang Ninh branch, the unit has not been able to construct because within the project boundary there are 3 low-voltage poles managed by the Electricity industry.

Mr. Tong Viet Hung, Deputy Director of Construction Joint Stock Company 507 - Quang Ninh Branch, said: The Bai Muoi Urban Area Project has been implemented since 2007. However, up to now, some items have not been possible. construction is possible, the reason is that there are still problems with site clearance, especially power lines. The site clearance of power poles located within the project boundary has not yet been approved by the City Land Fund Development Center for approval by the People's Committee of Ha Long City. Therefore, we cannot carry out the compensation and construction of internal roads at lot B7, B8 and some other locations.


Currently, some power poles are located within the project boundary, even there are electric poles right in the land plots of households that have not been handled and remedied.

It is thought that the relocation of power poles should be done soon so that the project can be completed, creating favorable conditions for people to travel, avoiding the extrusion of responsibility for each other, while the disadvantage belongs to the people. Mr. Nguyen Trac Ninh, Vice Chairman of Cao Thang Ward People's Committee, said: From the perspective of local authorities, we regularly check and urge investors to temporarily remedy when floods occur. However, in the long term, we hope that Ha Long Electricity will soon relocate the poles so that the project can be implemented on time.