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Pillar supporting Quang Ninh's economic sustainability




Quang Ninh is strongly shifting its industrial structure, rapidly increasing the contribution of processing, manufacturing, high-tech, smart, and environmentally friendly technology to GRDP and budget revenue; At the same time, develop the mining industry reasonably and sustainably, with a focus on the coal industry, contributing to ensuring national energy security.

 Production of construction materials at Gom Dat Viet Joint Stock Company (Dong Trieu Town).

In the past 2 years, facing the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on life and society, especially on tourism and services - the province's key economic sectors, the Executive Committee, The Provincial Party Standing Committee has been flexible, creative, and innovative in thinking and action, taking the coal, electricity, and processing and manufacturing industries to play a pivotal role in economic growth and budget revenue.

Along with focusing on directing and promptly removing difficulties and obstacles for the coal industry to develop stably and increase output to meet the coal demand for the economy, Quang Ninh creates maximum conditions for the cement industry to develop. , electronics, textiles, cooking oil, flour... promote production, increase the number of products, connect and develop consumer markets, and export goods.

After 2 years of implementing the resolutions of party congresses at all levels for the 2020-2025 term, the processing and manufacturing industry has been affirmed as an important industry and one of the main "pillars" in the province's economy. Currently, the goals, growth rate, and attraction of investment capital into the province have exceeded the set goals. The proportion of the processing and manufacturing industry in the GRDP structure gradually increases, in 2020 it will account for 9.8%, in 2021 it will account for 11.3%, in 2022 it will account for 11.5%. The growth rate of the processing and manufacturing industry in 2021 increases by 30.73%, in 2022 it increases by 16.54%; Average growth in 2021-2022 reaches 23.6%/year, higher than the target set by the Resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Congress (resolution is 17%/year).

Quang Ninh attracts investment capital from the processing and manufacturing industry in the 2021-2022 period reaching more than 41,300 billion VND, reaching over 80% of the resolution target (the set target is 50,000 billion VND by 2025), in FDI capital reached over 1.3 billion USD. The total number of workers in the processing and manufacturing industry increased over 2 years to 12,000 people, bringing the total number of workers in the processing and manufacturing industry in the province to 15,686 people, reaching 130.7% of the total number of workers in the processing and manufacturing industry in the province. with the goals set out in the resolution.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, said: With the above results, the province has allocated space, planned economic zones and industrial parks, oriented to attract investment to develop processing and manufacturing industries. clear way. Connecting transport infrastructure is planned and has been deployed synchronously to create a corridor connecting the East - West sides of the province, conveniently connecting to economic zones and industrial parks, creating favorable conditions for development. socio-economic development in general and the processing and manufacturing industry in particular.

The mining industry is maintained, develops stably and sustainably, plays an important role in the economic structure, this is reflected in production output increasing each year. Of which, clean coal production output in 2021 will reach 45.116 million tons, an increase of 8.8% compared to 2020; in 2022 will reach 45.225 million tons, an increase of 0.24% compared to 2021; Average growth increased by 4.4%/year.

Although the proportion of the mining industry in GRDP gradually decreases from 21.3% (2015) to 18.3% (2022), it is consistent with the roadmap to innovate the growth model and transform the development method from " brown" to "green", but still has a large contribution to the province's domestic revenue (in 2020 contributing 39.1%; in 2021 contributing 36.7%; in 2022 contributing 40.9%).

Although the electricity production industry has decreased, output is estimated at 87.4 billion kWh, an average decrease of 1.01%/year because there are no new power plants put into operation in the province; Power plants in Quang Ninh have been in operation for a long time. During the production process, they must stop operating for maintenance and repair, but the province still maintains a locality with high electricity production output.

Quang Ninh currently has a new development step in the electricity industry, attracting investment in the Quang Ninh LNG gas power plant in Cam Pha City. This is the first power project using imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the North, with a capacity of up to 1,500MW. The project plays an important role in developing the electricity industry, creating opportunities to develop other industries, especially the gas industry, contributing about 57,700 billion VND to the local budget within 25 years. Currently, the project is gradually being implemented according to regulations.

From the strategic directions that have been determined, Quang Ninh industry is gradually developing strongly and sustainably, affirming itself as a pillar of the economy, meeting development requirements in the integration process. international.

Manh Truong