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Promote disbursement of public investment from the beginning of the year


Right from the first month of the year, the transport sector has made a detailed allocation of approximately 100% of the public investment capital of more than VND 94,000 billion. This is the largest amount ever.

Early allocation is also an important condition to promote disbursement, avoiding pressure in the last months of the year. This is also one of the solutions to effectively implement the socio-economic development tasks this year according to Resolution 01 of the Government.

The amount of capital allocated this year is nearly VND 11,000 billion, 2.7 times higher than in 2022. Immediately after being allocated, the Project Management Board 6 immediately asked the contractors to immediately start working on the project. disburse as soon as possible.

"There is a basis to request construction units to accelerate the mobilization of human resources, resources, machinery and equipment to carry out construction at the site and as soon as the output is available, it can be promptly disbursed to the units. ", said Mr. Gian Viet Quang, in charge of General Planning Department, Project Management Unit 6, Ministry of Transport.

Thanks to the early allocation of about 11,000 billion VND, in the first month of the year, Project Management Board 2 immediately disbursed 500 billion VND.

  This year, with a huge amount of capital, the transport industry will have to disburse an average of more than 7,800 billion VND per month. (Illustration image - Photo: Investment Newspaper)

"Staying close to the scene to promote the implementation of workloads on the field, ensuring the progress and value for payment acceptance and disbursement", said Mr. Le Thang, Director of the Project Management Board. Project 2, Ministry of Transport, said.

This year, with a huge amount of capital, the transport industry will have to disburse an average of more than 7,800 billion VND per month. A representative of the Ministry of Transport said that it would be necessary to have a script to operate the plan flexibly.

Such a large amount cannot be concentrated on one or two projects, but must have very flexible management and operate right from projects with slow disbursement to projects with better disbursement and favorable conditions for disbursement. better budget", said Mr. Bui Quang Thai, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Transport.

This year's public investment capital is most concentrated on the East North-South expressway project. Therefore, in order to disburse a larger value, the Ministry of Transport has also implemented a new method of choosing a number of favorable routes to focus on many jobs at the same time, thereby drawing experience and human resources. for the whole project.