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Promote promotional activities associated with tourism


The reopening and strong recovery of tourism bring new vitality, a new direction for the promotion and promotion of OCOP products of the province. This is considered a focus of the Center for Industry and Trade Promotion and Development (Department of Industry and Trade) to promote the promotion and consumption of OCOP products.

In fact, the promotion events or OCOP fairs from the beginning of the year, especially since the reopening of tourism (from March 2022), have attracted a large number of tourists to visit and shop. This is considered not only an effective promotion channel but also creates an opportunity to consume and support OCOP businesses to revive and diversify and increase the attractiveness of the province's tourism.

Promotion events and fairs associated with tourism markets are considered as one of the key activities in the promotion and consumption of OCOP products. In the photo: Week of introduction of OCOP products in Hanoi market in December 2021.

"Therefore, in the coming time, we plan to focus on promoting the promotion of OCOP products in association with events and tourism activities of the province which are on a strong revival momentum. effectively supporting each other, tourism is also a channel to help OCOP products be promoted far away, bring strong consumption power and a great source of revenue for OCOP enterprises" - Mr. direction of promotion and trade activities in the near future.

It can be seen that this is a right direction because the activities to promote OCOP products right after the reopening of tourism have shown efficiency, strong promotion and consumption. This is easy to see in events such as: OCOP Summer 2022; booths serving at competition points within the framework of SEA Games 31 in Quang Ninh. For example, the OCOP Summer Fair 2022 with the scale of 227 booths promoting, introducing and selling 499 typical and typical products of Quang Ninh OCOP has attracted nearly 50,000 visitors and achieved revenue of nearly 16 billions dong. In which, revenue of OCOP Quang Ninh booth and e-commerce booth area is estimated at 8.7 billion VND.

It is expected that in the coming time, activities to promote and advertise OCOP products related to tourism activities will be continued. Those are consumer-connecting markets that will be held with a frequency of 1-2 sessions/month in densely populated areas or tourist areas such as Bai Chay, Sunworld entertainment complex, Cam Pha city. .. The fairs will be held with a scale of 30-50 stalls.

In addition, in order to take full advantage when tourism is recovering strongly, the Center is expected to connect and restart in the appropriate time the program to connect and consume safe food to serve tourists. . This is a program chaired by the Department of Tourism and coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade for the first time in August 2018 and initially brought good results. Simultaneously, there is research, restarting the promotion and introduction of OCOP products in the form of local specialties at Van Don Airport, promoting the program to bring visitors to OCOP fairs.. .

In order to get closer to tourism and help businesses become familiar with this advertising channel, the Center for Industry and Trade Promotion and Development is also interested in promoting and helping businesses access tourism fairs and markets. Great tourist school. These are promotional events towards key tourism markets such as Hue, Da Nang, Hanoi...