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Recently, Quang Ninh Department of Information Management has always focused on propagating and mobilizing organizations and individuals to strictly abide by the provisions of the law on business and commerce. Thereby, step by step prevent and limit violations in the field of commodity trading, protect the legitimate interests of businesses and consumers; maintaining a healthy environment in commercial and service activities in the province.

 The Information Management Team No. 4 (Provincial Information Management Department) propagates and mobilizes business households in Mong Cai city to sign a commitment to strictly abide by the regulations on commercial business. (Photo provided by company)

Management Team No. 4 was assigned the task of market management in Mong Cai city. This is a border region bordering China, with a large international border gate, a well-developed waterway and road transport system for trade, tourism, and service exchanges. abide by the regulations on business, commerce and services of organizations and individuals in the city. However, the situation of trading in counterfeit goods, violating intellectual property rights, and food hygiene and safety still takes place.

As a specialized agency in charge of information management in the locality, the Information Management Team No. 4 actively developed plans and directed the working groups to strengthen inspection and control of the market to promptly detect and handle them. violations. The unit also actively cooperates with functional forces to promote propaganda and mobilize business organizations and individuals to strictly observe the provisions of the law in production, business, trade and service activities. . Thereby, contributing to raising awareness and mobilizing the participation of the people in the fight against GBV.

Implementing the direction of the Department of Information Management of the province and Mong Cai city on strengthening the information management on the occasion before, during and after the holidays of April 30, May 1 and the SEA Games 31, the Management Team No. 4 directed 2 working groups to carry out the activities. propagandize, sign commitments and handle violations of prices of tourism services, restaurants, shopping... in the city. After 2 weeks of military service, the 4th Management Team has propagated and mobilized 50 times of business establishments in the area to sign a commitment to strictly abide by regulations in business, trade, service and tourism activities; handle 4 establishments that do not list prices and list prices that are not clear, causing confusion for customers.

Not only Team 4, in order to effectively prevent violations in the field of commodity trading occurring in the area under their management due to lack of understanding of the law, over the past time, the province's information management force has strengthened. inspect and control the market, fight against GBV and counterfeit goods. In particular, focus on doing well the propaganda and guidance of service and goods business establishments, strictly complying with the provisions of the law on commercial business and services.