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Promoting consumption of OCOP products


Recently, in addition to increasing the quantity and quality of OCOP products, the promotion and consumption of these products in the province has also been promoted. Departments, sectors, localities and producers are actively coordinating and supporting together to promote the consumption of OCOP products in the most effective and sustainable way.

In order for OCOP products to be widely consumed and come closer to consumers and tourists, the Department of Industry and Trade has coordinated with the provincial and local NTM Coordination Office to deploy many connection programs and promotion weeks. , fair…

Typically, implementing the National Brand Week program to celebrate Vietnam Brand Day 20/4, 2022; Quang Ninh OCOP Fair - Summer 2022; organizing the exhibition and introduction of OCOP Quang Ninh products within the framework of the 31st Southeast Asian Games; building the Quang Ninh Provincial Identity Department and samples of souvenirs and gifts bearing Quang Ninh's characteristics; implementing Thailand Week 2022 in Quang Ninh; implementing activities to support the connection and consumption of agricultural products and OCOP products of domestic provinces and cities.

Since the beginning of the program "One commune, one ward, one product" in 2013, OCOP Quang Ninh products have gradually found their position, standing and trust with consumers inside and outside the province. OCOP products are well invested in production in terms of product design. OCOP products are constantly increasing in both quantity and quality year by year. Up to now, the Quang Ninh OCOP program has developed and has a total of 502 products participating in the Program, of which there are over 269 products rated from 3-5 stars, with the participation of 189 businesses, Cooperatives, business households.