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Promoting heritage values associated with tourism: Quang Yen needs a new way of doing things


With 200 ranked monuments and many major festivals, Quang Yen has a lot of potential for tourism development. However, due to many reasons, the promotion of heritage values ​​associated with tourism has been less maintained and enhanced, making Quang Yen tourism not be promoted properly.


In 2013, Quang Yen has put relics and festivals into 3 routes, 11 fixed tourist spots. Including: Sites belonging to Bach Dang relic cluster, Phong Coc communal house, Le family church, Yen Dong pagoda, Yen Giang pagoda, Tien Cong temple; develop tourism product packages "Bach Dang Giang imprint" and "Quang Yen countryside".

In 2015, a number of travel agencies were present in Quang Yen to deploy product packages to exploit spiritual, historical, and experiential tourism, in which the strategy is aimed at cruise passengers and tourists. foreign. In fact, this year, Saigontourist has received 120 delegations with over 1,600 international and ocean passengers. Tan Hong travel agencies, Indochina Cruises, Nam Phong... have initially deployed test packages. However, the activities of the above-mentioned travel agencies have almost stopped until now.

Festivals are always the highlight of Quang Yen, annually attracting hundreds of thousands of participants, especially big festivals such as Tien Cong, Bach Dang, Down in the field... However, tourists are mainly locals. Tourists come to participate in ceremonies and festivals, but have not attracted tourists to visit, experience, play festivals and consume tourism services. As the Tien Cong festival of Ha Nam island village is considered the most unique "people procession festival" in Vietnam, however, most of the festival guests are insiders, descendants of the Thuong elders and indigenous people. .. but no real tourists yet. According to the town's statistics, for the past three years, Quang Yen has welcomed 400,000-500,000 visitors each year, but the average consumer spends less than 70,000 VND per customer.

The reason for this is pointed out that Quang Yen lacks and is weak in essential infrastructure, souvenir products, image promotion and attracting businesses to invest in tourism, especially cultural tourism. culture, spirituality, festival.

Currently, the whole town has only a few small establishments operating in tourism, but mainly tourism experiences agriculture and landscapes, there are no businesses exploiting tourism products related to cultural heritages. chemical. Most of the major relic sites have not been properly invested and embellished, lacking and weak in terms of connected transport infrastructure, highlight works and suitable landscapes; There are no typical tourist products… Even Bach Dang Special National Monuments Cluster has received only a small amount of investment over the years, leading to the risk of reducing the relic's value.

From the above situation, Quang Yen has recently promoted many tourism promotion activities, including related to monuments and festivals. Typically, the design of stamps about Bach Dang Victory 1288; Quang Yen logo creation contest; design contest for Quang Yen tourism souvenir products; beautiful photo contest in Quang Yen past and present; contest "I'm a tour guide"… Currently, Quang Yen is preparing to release the 1288 Bach Dang Victory stamp set.

These are all practical movements to develop tourism in the area, especially festival, spiritual and cultural tourism. Besides, Quang Yen also needs to overcome the core weakness of investing in tourism infrastructure, tourism services and especially attracting businesses to invest in embellishing and promoting the value of monuments and festivals. great; Especially, it is necessary to cooperate, accompany and create conditions for tourism units to exploit the strengths of monuments and festivals in the area. It is believed that, when the precious cultural heritage capital is effectively exploited, combined with other inherent advantages will help Quang Yen become a new and strongly developed tourism center.