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Promoting people's strength to firmly protect sovereignty and border security


Determining that promoting the strength of the entire people to firmly protect the sovereignty and border security is a central task, throughout the past time, the Party Committee and Command of the Quang Ninh Border Guard have paid great attention to leading and directing the implementation. carry out this work with many synchronous, creative and effective solutions.

CBCS Border Guard at Hon Gai port participated in helping people in zone 12, Ha An ward (Quang Yen town) build concrete roads.

The Hon Gai Port Border Gate Guard Station (Hon Gai Fort) is responsible for managing and protecting the sovereignty and security of the port border gate and sea area with a frontage of 67.7km; depth includes 16 communes and wards in Ha Long city and Quang Yen town. The population in the border area managed by the unit includes 54,005 households, with 177,919 people; There are 187 aquaculture rafts , 44 households doing services at sea…

In recent years, the situation of political security, social order and safety in the area, managed by the station, has been basically stable without complicated cases. However, due to the difficult life of a part of the people, limited knowledge of the law, theft, gambling, smuggling, commercial fraud, and fishermen using banned fishing gear to exploit Fishery exploitation... is still happening, there are many potential risks of loss of security in the area.

Not only at Fort Hon Gai, in the past time, despite facing many difficulties and adverse challenges from the situation of climate change and the Covid-19 epidemic, Quang Ninh Border Guard forces have proactively overcome them. difficulties, rise up to well implement programs of cooperation to participate in socio-economic development, strengthen defense and security in border communes, wards, sea and islands. Thereby, contributing to creating conditions for people to stabilize production, feel secure in building villages on the border, practically maintain political stability in the locality, thereby participating in building the border battle. All-people defense, associated with the increasingly solid national defense posture...

The people's defense line has been built and consolidated more and more firmly, making an important contribution to helping the Border Guards effectively carry out the task of protecting territorial sovereignty, national border security, and fighting crimes in Vietnam. border area.

From information provided by the public, in the first 5 months of 2022, the Provincial Border Guard detected and arrested a total of 89 cases/217 subjects/63 vehicles; coordinated arrest and handling of 4 cases of 9 subjects / 4 vehicles violating the law on the border, sea and islands... The above results of the Provincial Border Guard have made an important contribution to maintaining a peaceful and stable environment Determine and create favorable conditions for Quang Ninh to develop a fast, strong and sustainable economy, associated with ensuring security in the new situation.