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Promoting sustainable export-import development


Despite facing many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, with the determination to fulfill the dual goals of both effective epidemic prevention and control, while ensuring economic growth, Quang Ninh has won many awards over the past time. specific and appropriate measures to gradually remove difficulties and restore import-export activities. Thereby, promoting production and business activities strongly again, contributing to the socio-economic development of the locality.


Over the past years, Quang Ninh has always focused on investment, sustainable development, synchronous and modern investment infrastructure, especially traffic infrastructure with a system of highways, seaports, and airports. flights, associated with industrial zones, economic zones, border gates in the area. This has contributed to creating a driving force for the province to develop strongly, connect trade and promote regional linkages, international integration, trade facilitation, and increase import-export turnover.

Quang Ninh is also the only province with a land and sea border with China, which is very convenient for goods trade at the border gate. In order to promote this advantage, the province has focused on synchronously implementing measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic associated with import-export activities under the direction of the Central Government, the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and prevention requirements. translation from your side.

In particular, special attention is paid to proactively developing epidemic prevention plans, maintaining a "safe green zone" for border gates and openings. Along with that, regularly exchange and hold talks at all levels and forces with the Chinese government on epidemic prevention and control measures, in order to create trust, cooperate for development, and fully restore operations soon. customs clearance of goods, import and export between the two parties.

For example, in Mong Cai, in the first 7 months of the year, although import-export activities still faced many difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic, the city actively followed the instructions of the province, and at the same time introduced the following measures: flexible, timely and effective solutions to stabilize import-export activities in the area. Accordingly, the city regularly holds talks, exchanges information, establishes and maintains a "safe green zone", border gate area, and opening, in line with China's "Zero Covid" strategy. As a result, the total import-export turnover of goods through the province in the first 7 months of the year reached over 1.5 million USD and attracted 128 new import-export enterprises, bringing the total number of import-export enterprises in the city to 455 enterprises.

In particular, in order to actively promote import and export activities at border gates, the province has regularly, drastically and effectively implemented solutions to promote import and export activities, maintain stability and develop the economy. develop revenue through import and export activities in the province, closely combine with activities to support and accompany businesses in carrying out import and export procedures through the province.

Inspection, supervision and control of import and export goods have also been implemented and effectively organized with many innovations and breakthroughs in administrative reform. Typically, proactively renewing support activities, accompanying businesses each year, through conferences to meet and support businesses in groups, focus and thematic content; strengthen the inspection, supervision and internal control of functional forces in handling import-export procedures, ensuring administrative discipline, preventing troubles and negatives.

Along with that, the province also promoted the construction of the database, implemented the e-Government and modernized the customs, creating many breakthrough results, especially the reduction of customs clearance time, cost reduction, and further reduction in customs clearance. direct contact between enterprises and functional forces, reducing payroll but at the same time increasing the number of declarations, increasing turnover, increasing state budget revenue and increasing the number of attracting new businesses over the years; Post-customs clearance inspection and risk management were innovated in thinking and ways of doing things, achieving the goal of "checking properly, checking correctly" and increasing the detection rate of violations...

Thanks to the proactive implementation of safe adaptation solutions, import and export activities in the province have achieved many positive results in the past time, contributing to promoting the development of the investment and business environment at the border gate. . Up to now, the average clearance time for imported goods has been reduced to 4 hours 48 minutes and exports to 1 hour 27 minutes. In the first 7 months alone, export turnover of enterprises in the province was estimated at over 1.5 million USD, up 8.23% over the same period and reaching 109.11% of the plan; Import turnover of enterprises in the province in the first 7 months of the year was estimated at 1.7 million USD.