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Promoting the province's startup ecosystem


The results of the science and technology task "The current situation and solutions to promote the start-up ecosystem in Quang Ninh province" (the Department of Planning and Investment chaired the implementation) provided many practical solutions for the province to promulgate mechanisms, policies, and organizations. activities in accordance with the period of international integration.


The model of community tourism of Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien (Ha Long City Investment and Startup Club) attracts tourists to Quang Ninh.

In recent years, many breakthrough solutions to promote start-up activities in Quang Ninh have been interested by the province. In particular, the province focuses on creating a startup ecosystem, with the desire to develop business incubator infrastructure and connect resources; develop innovative thinking, business ideas and entrepreneurship among young people; Build a culture of entrepreneurship in the community.

Quang Ninh has been paying much attention to the goal of building a startup ecosystem through motivational mechanisms and policies. The province has issued a plan to support innovative start-ups for the period 2017-2020; Resolution 148/2018/NQ-HDND on policies to support small and medium enterprises and innovative enterprises in the province. Departments and sectors actively participate in building a startup ecosystem. Typically, the birth of start-up investment clubs; conferences, seminars, forums on entrepreneurship; contest to find startup ideas; building start-up incubators; facilitate settlement of administrative procedures, preferential loans, legal assistance, tax advice, etc.

Besides the positive results, the province's start-up activities still have many aspects that need to be improved. In particular, the coordination to implement activities is still fragmented, not synchronized, and has not been strongly promoted in support of start-ups. Most of the new start-up promotion stops at supporting the establishment of businesses without a breakthrough in the direction of innovation and creativity. Start-up movements are scattered and lack concentration; The links between components of the startup ecosystem have not been synchronously formed. The role of the State in supporting innovative start-ups is still limited; lack of clear policies to develop innovative startup ecosystem. Especially, there are not many startup ideas, limited investment resources, lack of innovation, lack of support services in terms of financial access, consulting and support to commercialize products, develop businesses. successful business, not commensurate with the potential.

Faced with that fact, during the 20-month survey and research period (October 2020-5/2022), the Department of Planning and Investment has issued thematic reports on the status of the startup ecosystem in the province; propose, propose a number of tasks, solutions, implementation roadmap to promote the province's startup ecosystem. In which, focus on promulgating more flexible, realistic and close mechanisms and policies; supporting and minimizing risks for start-ups related to finance, administration, technology transfer, market search, communication; well organize activities to inspire the startup community; Build a nursery system…

From the results of this science and technology task, the Department of Planning and Investment will apply it to the management of the unit, and at the same time give specific advices to the Provincial People's Committee to develop and issue plans, mechanisms and policies to promote the province's startup ecosystem.