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Promoting the value of coal mining historical sites


As the hometown of coal mines in Vietnam, Quang Ninh has a variety of historical sites marking a heroic period of the industry. Visiting these places is considered an invaluable experience about the revolutionary tradition, contributing to fostering the sense of patriotism among the young generation as well as developing the local tourism.

Cam Pha Coal Area Memorial Site.

In order to promote the value of historical sites associated with the working class in the mining area, Cam Pha city has focused on embellishing and preserving such places. Typically, the city and the Vietnam Coal- Mineral College have jointly implemented the project of renovating and preserving the old town hall of around 4,800 square meters into the Cam Pha Coal Area Memorial in Cam Tay ward with the total investment capital of VND 15 billion. 

The old town hall of the French colonial period was the office of Vavasseur - the French officer with the highest position in Cam Pha at that time. This was also the headquarter and residence of the French officers. After the Mining Area was liberated in 1955, this building was the headquarters of the Cam Pha Town Party Committee for a long time. Currently, the Vietnam Coal and Mineral College has used this site. 

The Cam Pha Coal Area Memorial is displaying historical paintings, photographs, reliefs, and artifacts grouped into 3 categories including chronology, themes, and titles. The first floor exhibits various documents and artifacts related to the province ‘s historical milestones and achievements. The 2nd floor reprents the typical features of Cam Pha Coal Area with historical events associated Cot Min Mountain, Bao Than headquarters, Deo Nai Mine, Vung Duc relic, etc. 

Vung Duc historical area at Cam Dong ward commemorates mining workers’ heroic sacrifices. The city has built a memorial statue right at the foot of Ban Co mountain, next to the place where the French colonialists drowned these soldiers into the sea. 

The city has coordinated with TKV Group to speed up the expansion project of the 11/12 Square. The whole project is expected to have been completed by February 25, 2022. 

Another historical site is the monument of Comrade Vu Van Hieu, the first Secretary of the Quang Ninh Mining Area Special Committee located in Ha Long city. 

The portrait of Comrade Vu Van Hieu is cast in pure red copper with the height of over 6 meters and the weight of 1.7 tons. The statue is placed on a monolithic granite pedestal, carved with the shape of coal seams and the landscape of Ha Long Bay.