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In recent years, along with calling for investment and attracting socio-economic development resources, Quang Ninh province has always paid special attention to environmental protection.

For a green Quang Ninh

It can be seen that Quang Ninh is initially achieving success in transforming the development model from "brown" to "green". "Green" is reflected in not only revenue collection, job creation... no longer being too dependent on the coal industry, but also environmental change.

 Leaders of the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Monitoring (DONRE) monitor and monitor indicators automatically transferred by environmental monitoring stations to the Operation Center. Photo: Manh Truong

Every year, the province spends no less than 3% of the total local budget expenditure on the cause of environmental protection to well perform 7 tasks: Water environment management; air quality management; solid waste management; forest management; biodiversity conservation; climate change adaptation and environmental monitoring.

Along with that, in order to increase funding for environmental protection activities in localities, on December 7, 2016, the Provincial People's Council issued Resolution 38/2016/NQ-HDND stipulating the decentralization of revenue sources and tasks. expenditures and percentages (%) of revenue distribution among local government budgets; norms for allocation of recurrent expenditure estimates of local budgets in the period of budget stability 2017-2020. Accordingly, the environmental protection fee from coal mining is regulated 100% for local budgets to perform tasks. environmental service.

For TKV alone, the total annual cost of environmental protection is more than 1,000 billion VND, of which 50% is for investment in environmental protection works, 50% is for environmental protection works. regular school. In the period of 2017-2020, coal mining units have implemented the project to ensure the environment of the coal industry with a total cost of nearly 5,000 billion VND. In addition, TKV also implemented additional items and works outside the project with a total cost of over 127 billion VND. Especially, at the beginning of 2019, TKV terminated the operation of Nam Cau Trang screening factory; build and put the coal processing center and concentrated coal warehouse in Hon Gai area in Ha Khanh - Ha Long into operation, stabilize production from April 2019 to ensure the environment and jobs for workers.

The province also completes mechanisms and policies to support the relocation of handicraft production establishments that cause environmental pollution out of residential areas and into industrial zones in the localities. Currently, hundreds of production facilities have moved into industrial zones: Ha Khanh, Kim Sen, Nam Son, Cam Thinh... to close, renovate and restore the environment of waste landfills; completed treatment of 12 points of residual pollution of plant protection chemicals.

Along with that, mobilize all investment resources for environmental protection, especially investment in domestic wastewater collection and treatment systems in urban areas and domestic waste treatment zones; improve the capacity of the automatic environmental pollution monitoring and warning system in the province with the goal of monitoring environmental quality, promptly warning when there are signs of pollution. Thereby, contributing to improving the quality of people's life and local socio-economic development.